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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The White House is swarming with crooks

Is anyone else concerned about the crooked direction our newly ordained President B.O. is steering our great country? Does this eloquent young President have any close friends who are not radical Socialists or down right crooks? Thanks to his brilliant plan of "Change", we now have a Secretary of State who is the scorned wife of a philandering former President who has sucked up millions of dollars in speaking fees and donations from foreign countries she will now be responsible for negotiating with. The great B.O. has now appointed our Attorney General, who is suppose to uphold our laws, a lawyer who successfully lobbied and received a pardon for the FBI's 2nd most wanted criminal- Mark Rich, from you guessed it, B.J. Clinton the husband our conflicted Secretary of State. Finally President "Change" has placed the fate of our entire economy in the hands of a 4 year income tax cheat in the newly omnipotent position of Secretary of the Treasury. Does no one really care or is it that you are all so blinded by his B.S. that no one will say finally have the guts to say "The Emperor has NO Clothes."

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