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Friday, October 2, 2009

He is a total fraud!

Communist Rules for Revolution (1919 Germany)

Rule 5. Always preach 'true democracy' but seize power at last and as ruthlessly as possible.

Rule 6. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit; produce fear of inflation, rising prices and general discontent.

Rule 8. By special argument cause a breakdown of the old moral virtues; honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.

Check out all 9 rules to see Obama's game plan. After looking at this issue and observing the counting of the votes, here is what I strongly suspect is the case.

ACORN/SOROS and associates have been orchestrating this along with the Democrats for years and they have finally gotten out all the kinks in the vote fixing system to ensure their re-election despite wide spread disaproval from their voters.

1. Stuff the voter rolls with fraudulent registrations from illegal aliens, cartoon characters, dead people, under aged voters, re-located individuals and a great many fine upstanding members of our loyal pet constituency.

2. Standardize a statewide voter system (thankyou HAVA) and devise software to fix the statewide vote for the Democrats by transferring fraudulent votes from county to county as needed after election day claiming they were provisional votes wrongly recieved in another county.

3. When all else fails use the corrupt Democratic Secretary of States to agree to all Democratic claims to ensure the recount works in the Democratic candidate's favor. (ex. Frankin v. Coleman)

As for the Presidency:
They realized that they must put up a charismatic speaker but the fellow they found was a college dropout foreign born election fixing Chicago Marxist. So the master mind of this plan, the terrorist William Ayers and his liberal Harvard buddies cooked up his bogus background wrote his best selling books and attested to his brilliant yet fraudulent academic history. To cover up the fraud they simply had Obama seal all of his documents that would contradict little their fairy tale. This would explain why the only none Harvard professor college friends to vouch for his appearance are from Occidental College. Those friends all say he dropped out or transferred after a year or two. No student friends from Columbia or Harvard to vouch for his attendance. The only thing we do know is that after Occidental he joined up with the corrupt ACORN group in Chicago, the home town of his childhood, Marxist mentor- Frank Marshal Davis. Governor Richards let his immigrant status slip out while speaking Spanish to an audience of Latinos right before he lost his cabinet position. Nancy Pelosi issued two separate nomination certificates one with and one without the declaration that Obama met the eligibility requirements set forth in our US Constitution. This goes all throughout the government so it is no wonder debate on this issue has been relegated to the internet. There must be an end game for this but I suspect it is all bad and may very well follow the rules of Communist revolution.


  1. With unemployment at a 26 year high, the New York Times has revealed that immigration authorities at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have undertaken preparations for issuing visas to 11-18 millions (?) My guess over 20 million + illegal aliens who would be granted--BLANKET AMNESTY--if Congress is--able--to pass immigration reform legislation. Now is the time to remind your Senators and Representatives at 202-224-3121, that we demand they do NOT enroll on to this ill conceived abomination. Into our country at least a million law abiding newcomers come annually, clutching their entry visas; many waiting for years for a chance at the American dream. But the thrall of lobotomized Democrats are in for a hard lesson, including some Republican business enthusiasts, who think it's--going to be a simple solution approving this financial calamity.

    This illegal alien mess has been methodically created by both parties for decades. But monumental amounts of the US population do not agree with this outcome. LaRaza, a radical anti-Sovereignty organization, will transform the US into a third world dumping ground yet?

    All we need is mandatory E-Verify to remove from every honest business, workers who came here illegally; those who don't will suffer severe penalties. This is a murky back-door way for hard-line Liberal Democrats to sneak past all verification measures, which would approve a path to citizenship for lawbreakers thus giving them access to--YOUR--health care? All Americans GOOGLE--NUMBERSUSA, to uncover the deceitful way they plan to cheat all legal workers and citizens? America is already on the road to irreversible OVERPOPULATION. Do all the people out their who are suffering from a compassion syndrome, believe--ALL--Americans want to pay even higher taxes to support corporate welfare, for the millions they have already hired? I don't think so?

    This is one of the cloaked agendas of The Council of Foreign Relations to intensify the unfettered inflow of destitute peoples into North America. We already spend more money across the globe, than anyone else? Yet the United Nations is never satisfied. We already have a negative-dollar free trade treaty, which has seen the disappearance of our manufacturing industries. To me Globalism and internationalism are dirty words, and when Americans open their eyes it might be too late? Our country is being emasculated by the illegal immigration and the financial support poured out by unaware taxpayers. America is like the Greek god "Atlas" supporting the world and its issues? That is exactly what we are doing--SUPPORTING THE WORLD? For the record 15 Democrats are already discussing your fate, as they strife to undermine immigration enforcement amendment.

    1. To permanently reauthorize E-Verify? 2. To complete the 700 miles of border fencing? 3. To continue and not rescind the No-match-letter program, that HS Napolitano has closed down. 4. Grassley’s amendment to allow all businesses that use E-Verify to run all of their current employees through the E-Verify system. Go see who the traitors are to our protection of the border at NUMBERSUSA.

  2. Do you know what the state of our highways or underground utilities? Each state has 30 year underground causeways of irreparable water and sewage pipes that our government has ignored. Again I say watch "The Crumbling of America" on the History channel. Each year our bridges and dams are deteriorating, so they do hasty repairs, but many are seeing deployable erosion that cannot be fixed, because the state has not enough money? Yet the Democrats want to cause an avalanche of impoverished people, who will want to bring in even more family members. Who’s going to recompense for them? Then even more will break through the fence, enter as a tourist or slip into America via the Caribbean? The onslaught will never end and our reservoir of cash is finally exhausted.

    I have a hard time paying my taxes, without paying more for the impecunious, uneducated who slip into our sovereign country bring the criminals, the handicapped and elderly immigrants. Who pays for my family and kids, the house payment, health care and car? NOT THE BLOODY TRAITORS IN WASHINGTON ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE WHO KEEP PILING ON HIDDEN TAXES TO SUBSIDIZE ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS AND FAMILIES FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. I'LL EVEN GO FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE SKILLED JOBS AND SOMETHING TO OFFER, BUT NOT FOR JUST ANYBODY WHO TAXPAYERS HAVE TO SUPPORT? Learn more about corruption at JUDICIAL WATCH. Learn about POPULATION GROWTH at CAPSWEB.

  3. All of your comments make sense. But I do believe that if and only if our country took off the shackles of regulation on our industries that truly global free trade would be a benefit to all people. As I see it our government pushed free trade with and for other countries while leftist pro-union, pro-big US government groups handcuffed free competitive capitalism within our borders. Basically saying to our businesses go ahead trade freely with foreign companies but if you seek to provide jobs and opportunity here in the United States you don't get the same freedoms your foreign competitors enjoy. So good luck if you can find some way to turn a profit in our anti-business country. Of course this has forced our businesses to move manufacturing overseas and to hire less expensive unionized illegal aliens here in the US.
    Break it all down and everything leads back to the ability for all members of Congress to be re-elected which is why unless we can expose the massive election fraud our economy and way of life is doomed to failure. As I see it we must recruit truly conservative candidates to at the last minute file to run against the leftist incumbent in the Democratic primary or in the case of the state of Main the Republican and Democratic primaries. As much as we may dislike both parties the fact is they are only fixing elections for the Democrats in every state except Main. But with friends like Snow and Collins who needs an actual Democrat to represent Main. Due to the relatively small population of cetain states like Main, it makes it that much more difficult to stuff the voter rolls with fictitious voters since that may expose their scam by showing more voters than the Census shows live in the state. Recruiting leftists to run as Republicans may be their best solution, therefore we must fight fire with fire and put up conservatives in all primaries.