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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mitt and Sarah for 2012

The game has changed. The old rules of traditional electoral politics no longer apply. We must fight fire with fire or in this case full ticket with full ticket. We, as a currently free people, must not assist the leftists in so denigrating our would-be Presidential candidates that they are unable to win their general election.

The incumbent has the distinct advantage of not having to endure the vetting of a tough primary election. The opposition party especially when it is the Republican Party has a tendency to eat their own to such an extent that at the end of the process none of the candidates is liked by the majority.

Therefore I propose that we encourage the most qualified financial manager candidate- Mitt Romney to team up with the strongest conservative female leader of our generation- Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. This way Mitt could hit the ground running to try and fix our economy with Sarah’s assistance while she raises her young children. With any luck the Romey/Palin ticket would enjoy two terms before a very experienced V.P. Sarah runs for her turn at an 8-year stint in the White House.

Each of these two fine candidates provides an answer to any concerns about the other’s qualifications. Sarah’s strong pro-life and Christian credentials counter balance concerns about Mitt’s abortion and Mormon background. Mitt’s outstanding record of achieving financial prosperity throughout his career as a proven well educated leader will counter any concerns about Sarah’s educational and more limited business background.

Most importantly the Romney/Palin ticket needs to be in place from the beginning of the primary season. In fact we already vetted both these candidates in 2008 so there is no reason to spend millions of dollars to do it again. The whole combative primary process would weaken both Republican candidates and further strengthen the Obama/Biden ticket.

The gloves are clearly off with massive vote fraud and big government corruption at all levels we must take back our country the smartest way possible, by creating a dynamic duo- Romney/Palin for 2012.

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