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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Open letter to the Democrats

Open letter all Congressional Democrats,

I suggest you take a night course in US history and while you are enrolled why not brush up on your understanding of economics. Either you are criminally incompetent or you are truly a Communist working to destroy our once great economy.

Just a little glimpse back to the golden time of late 2006 and early 2007 when our stock market reached its all time high of over 14000. After that, what happened to change our unprecedented state of affluence? Yes I remember you and your economically illiterate fellow Democrats took over control of Congress and started working furiously to destroy our economy in record time.

History shows us that soon after Democrats take up majority residence in the U.S. Congress the economy takes a nose dive. Case in point the "Contract with America" 1994. The '90s prosperity ushered in the welfare reform that was forced down Democrat President B.J. Clinton by the Republican controlled Congress. It was these successful Republican concepts that afforded Clinton the extra time he needed to pursue his many extramarital lust interests.

To me, it is as plain as our unsustainable debt, that you and your ambulance chasing lawyer friends are working the electoral system for your own benefit. Through multiple SEIU votes and electoral software manipulation you seek to fix the outcome of your elections. This expensive endeavor only works as long as a substantial segment of the electorate are lulled into apathy and another segment are actually inspired by your warped vision of a Socialist utopia. Bad news for you the cat is out of the bag and when asked "How all that hope and change are working out for you?" most Americans now say "not as we hoped." We are all paying attention now so we will vote you out of office if you do not stop over spending.

Stop lying about the $10 billion dollar unemployment extension and either pay for it by cutting somewhere else or put it up for a vote which would of course defy President Obama's new "pay as you go" budget rule.

Stop destroying our livelihood with job killing tax increases. It isn't rocket science, if a business owner loses much of his income to taxes that is income not being used to hire another tax paying employee therefore more taxes fewer jobs which results in lower tax revenue for you to spend. If you do not know your history you are doomed to repeat it.

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