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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is facial hair an electoral LOSER for candidates


  1. Depends on how awesome the candidate carries himself with facial hair! Hint hint. I look good with a beard.

    But definitely a negative for the candidate if the candidate is female. ha ha ha

  2. Unfortunately most politicians are neither gorgeous nor blonde so facial hair hides their face which I believe inspires distrust of the politician i.e. if he won't even show us his full face what else is he hiding. Not to mention the fact that mustaches went out of style with the 1970's hippie generation.

    I for one have absolutely NO problem with a full beard as that implies the man simply doesn't wish to shave his face every day, but a man who would get up and go to all the trouble to shave around one quadrant of his face is suspect. What sort of deep seeded insecurities does this mustache, goatee or soul patch sporting man harbor?

    The question in Oregon is now: Do you think Chris Dudley will prevail in part due to his morning ritual of shaving his entire face over his 2nd mustache wearing opponent, in order to move into the Oregon Governor's mansion?