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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vote by Mail Fraud 2010 Oregon General Election

I spent this morning comparing numbers with the census and finally with a like populated Republican state (Oklahoma). We have not yet completed counting this fraudulent vote and already we have turned out nearly 45% of the adult population of our state while Oklahoma has less than 37% adult turnout. When you look at the tri county area you can see that a full 70% of the adults living in those counties based on the Census are registered to vote. That is ridiculous if you look at voter registration prior to the last 25 years.

I am pleading with the Oregon candidates not to concede the race no matter how badly the liberals have made it look like our candidates lost.

As a witness to the Mult Cty sample recount in '08 I saw that when Tim Scott could not get the table working on the Allen Alley's Treasurer race to work out he halted the recount and fixed the numbers.

From that experience and from seeing with my own eyes during the enhancing phase in WA CTy 2006 I saw an entire box of identically filled out ballots using the same exact pressure of pencil all straight Democratic ticket.

I am convinced if we raise the $20,000 needed to support Delia's recount of Multnomah County with our people closely monitoring the hand recount we can out this fraud once and for all. These numbers are too consistent and the SOS is all too accurate in predicting turnout every election. The fix is obviously in, it defies logic to accept that over the past 20+ years we could not field ONE electable Republican to the Executive branch of the state.

A reporter needs to investigate Oregon based Saber Corp. Who gained the contract to manage Statewide voter database of almost all of the 2006 states that turned blue.

Check out this link:

Why does a company develop a software product when there is no market for that product? Until HAVA there was no need for a statewide voter management software, but if you are going to fix the state's election you must have access to the entire state in order to borrow from one county to dump in another county to ensure the desired result. Watch as this week progresses and they begin dumping fresh Democratic ballots into every county with the excuse being that they were wrongfully dropped off in the wrong county's drop box, because as you know if they were mailed they would have to be delivered to the correct Cty Election office. So we are expected to accept as fact that voter turnout nearly doubled from 37% to 67% with votes not counted and votes dropped off in the wrong county?

County election workers refuse to let us get close enough to actually observe the election process in Mult. Cty yet they clearly have no problem allowing electioneering as you can see from this video I took on Monday.

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