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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Riddle me this liberals in Oregon?

If indeed there is nothing to hide why hide anything?

To one of the most bias and liberal of all the liberal writers at the Oregonian, Mr. Jeff Mapes,

Please respond to these pertinent inquiries. Then perhaps we will all learn why you feel anyone who dares question the status quo must of course be suspected of being a fringe conspiracy nut.

Why is Vicki Paulk(formerly Vicki Ervin MCE director)allowed to both monitor and maintain the ES&S voting machines as a full time employee of Ryder Graphics as well as being authorized as a part time MCE worker without being considered a conflict of interest?

Why do the alarm log records reveal that Vicki arrived at 8:51am on Friday 12/3 the day after Delia Lopez demanded her partial recount of 6 precincts and the morning all remaining blank ballots were to be shredded by Aacu Shred NW?

Why did she tell Aacu Shred to reschedule the shredding because of the CD3 partial recount (which was not to be conducted until the following Tuesday)?

Since the election had already been certified and the ballots were to have been stored in sealed boxes in the Red room, why then did Vicki spend so much time between the colored coded live ballot rooms and the 1st Floor Bay Hall where we found 32,000+ un-shredded blank 2010 ballots stored in mostly open boxes?

Why is the SOS office so intent on removing the requirement that they must shred all unused blank ballots promptly at 8pm on election night?

They say it is to allow them to duplicate un-readable ballots that fail to make it through the machines, when our accounting of all such ballots amounted to a paltry 1,500+ ballots easily a small enough number to use the remaining test ballots for that task. They could also have separate colored duplicate blank ballots ordered to ensure that no blank ballots are used to manufacture a result after 8p on election night.

Why did Stephen Trout of the Secretary of State's office refuse any accommodation to Delia Lopez during for her partial recount if he had nothing to hide?

When she saw pictures taken on the day of her demand that showed no verifiable chain of custody and asked to substitute 6 new precincts she was denied.
When she requested to pay for two additional precincts the day of the recount, she was denied. When the ORP asked to add those same two new precincts they were denied.
Yet Vicki and friends had four plus days to use the blank ballots to ensure the computer generated tally remained the same in the six specified precincts being recounted.

Why did the number of ballots sent or handed out to the voters exceed the number of registered voters in Multnomah county by 22,613 matching almost exactly the number of ballots Chris Dudley lost his gubernatorial race by (22,238)?

Please riddle me this???

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