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Friday, October 21, 2011

Lisa Michaels is the Right Message to Send to the Obama Administration

Last evening's rush our flag waving was the 4th "Let's take the high road" rally on the Sylvan overpass. We have reached 30,000 cars with an estimated 15,000 per hour which is a conservative estimate taking into account that many of the cars have seen the signs twice. I will be on Lars Larson show this afternoon at 12:20p and have been on Jane's and Jeff's KUIK shows as well as 2 appearances on my friend Victoria Taft's show.  Along with at least 7 hours of cable access time per week since the race began and 5 hours every week for the past 6 years. We feel very good about my prospects. Many thanks to the nice Oregonians that I meet going door to door and around town who are quite enthusiastic about supporting a limited government, pro Constitution, true conservative to represent our best interests in Washington DC.
This is the only active Congressional race in the country at this time and we must send a message to the Obama administration that like New York 9 we get it. We will no longer stand for the Big Government take over of our industries and our lives.

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