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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Press Release October 23, 2011

For Immediate Release
From The Campaign of Lisa Michaels for Oregon 1st 503 524-9027
Regarding anti-Occupier "Let's take the high road rally" sponsored by Tea Party candidate Lisa Michaels for Oregon 1st

During Lisa's 4th "Let's Take the High Road" Stars & Stripes flag waving rally on the Sylvan overpass Thursday October 20, 2011, Lisa Michaels was approached by Mike from the Oregon Department of Transportation to inform her that she was not allowed to attach her campaign banner to the fence on the overpass as it was public property. Lisa asked him if the "Occupiers" in downtown Portland were allowed to attach their tents to public property why she was not allowed to stand by her sign as it was attached to public property as well. Mike said that since the "Occupier" were on city land that it was different than being on the public bridge, at which point Lisa asked him if he could please tell her where she could find the law that says that. He agreed that as long as we stood next to the banner it could remain attached to the bridge. 10 minutes later as we walked over to the other side of the overpass, Mike was still trying to find the law on his laptop computer in his truck. Lisa gave Mike her card and asked him to please send her the link to the law once he found it. To date Lisa Michaels has not received an email from Mike notifying her of the law preventing Lisa from exercising her freedom of speech by displaying her banner on the overpass. While the "Occupiers" remain encamped on public property disrupting traffic and the lives of thousands of Oregonians simply seeking to exercise their right to pursue prosperity in downtown Portland, Oregon. 

Today Sunday October 23rd Lisa Michaels will again gather with supporters on the Sylvan overpass to express her Constitutiionally guaranteed right to "freedom of speech" as Lisa hosts a Stars and Stripes Tea Party Flag waving event with her new friend and fellow conservative CD1 candidate Delinda Delgado-Morgan. Lisa and Delinda are united in their effort to provide a true conservative voice in the 1st Congresstional District. Before voters decide to once again to nominate the nice moderate/liberal Rob Cornilles to be our Republican nominee we are hoping that voters will agree with us that we must send a clear message to the Obama administration and the anarchists "Occupying" Portland and cities all around the world that we want our freedom back. Just as Bob Turner did in Brooklyn, New York, Lisa Michaels has the opportunity to reinforce our Tea Party message to the Obama Administration and to the rest of the country that- we want to repatriate our great Constitution and stop spending our country into poverty. 

Now is the time, please stand up for freedom and join Lisa and Delinda on the Sylvan overpass today or if you see them please honk your approval of our Constitutional Rights. 


Lisa Michaels for Oregon 1st

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