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Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Mystery as to Why KOIN-TV6 refused to mention CD1 Candidate Lisa Michaels

“1st Congressional District debate: Candidates in the race to replace David Wu debated Sunday at Pacific University in Forest Grove. Blogger Randy Stapilus writes that Republican front-runner Rob Cornilles did not draw sharp distinctions with his Democratic rivals. The two other GOP candidates at the debate, Jim Greenfield and Lisa Michaels, staked out positions to the right of Cornilles.”
Oregonian/OregonLIVE October 10, 2011 only mention of Lisa Michaels found druing CD1 primary

“On the Republican side, businessman Rob Cornilles is running against four little-known candidates.”
KOINLocal6 website:

The fact that the liberal media refused to report the views of any conservative CD1 candidate during the entire 2011 primary election is quite disturbing.
When I placed my name into consideration in this primary, I realized that it would be an uphill battle and most of the news coverage would surround the well-financed liberal front-runners but I had no idea to what extent these local media outlets would stoop to ignore the conservatives in the race.

After managing 6 previous Oregon campaigns, 5 of which were for myself, just exactly how am I a “little-known” candidate as KOIN reported? I find it amazing that after I spent 2 years as a segment host on KOIN's own “Around Town TV” with Dave Anderson that there has been absolutely no mention of my name on the website during the entire primary.

Despite  airing interviews with the chosen 4 liberal front runners for CD1 on KGW’s  show “Straight Talk,” KGW refused to comply with the  FCC equal time law by denying us any opportunity to offer our conservative side of the debate. Likewise when we suggested to both KGW and KPTV that they should produce a Republican CD1 debate, we were told no, despite KGW’s airing of their 3 person primetime Democratic Primary Debate.

The only station that considered allowing our conservative opinions to be reported was the local ABC affiliate KATU.

Many thanks to ABC/KATU-ch2 as they also were responsible for the one and only Republican Primary poll which placed Lisa Michaels in 2nd place followed closely by fellow conservative Jim Greenfield in 3rd place. 

Perhaps the king/queen makers in the mainstream media understand, as the great Ronald Reagan did, that to win an election a candidate must simply be a conservative. Otherwise why is the media so afraid to report on conservative candidates like the "little-known" Lisa Michaels.  

We must expose the truth through our social circles and not allow public opinion to be carefully crafted by what they are told and not told in the news. 


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