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Monday, January 23, 2012

Electing Attractive Conservatives Works Every Time it is tried

We cannot once again nominate another white haired candidate with nothing but a track record of making speeches in Congress. History shows these kinds of candidates lose every time.

Everyone secretly wants to be onboard a winning team but the primary is not the time to sacrifice your values. There are just two candidates who should seriously be considered to replace the worst President of our lifetime. They both are young enough to retain some of their natural hair color and both have clean records of success.

While Senator Santorum has not governed a state he does have a spotless record of conservatism and has proven himself as an advocate of small honest government. He has been steady Eddy so if we can get people to understand that he can and should win then he will with the strongest record of conservatism.

Governor Romney is also an attractive candidate who history shows should win handily due to his vast experience successfully turning around companies, the corrupt Olymmpics and the State of Massachusetts.
My sister has lived near the Romney family in Massachusetts for 20 years, so I called her in 2008 to ask what she thought of Mitt Romney's leadership as Governor. She said he was amazingly successful, especially considering the fact that her state is overwhelming controlled by Democrats.
When you look at his record he is accustomed to analyzing the situation and devising the best approach to solve the problems necessary to deliver a successful outcome. I was a big supporter of Mitt Romney as the most conservative candidate who was best capable to winning against Obama in 2008. I literally cried for our country when our last hope of victory, Mitt Romney, left the race prematurely in 2008. You can imagine my disappointment when I learned earlier this year that my dream candidate began moving to the middle and leaving his conservative '08 positions behind.
It appears to me that the GOP "king makers" promised him the nomination this year if he would drop out in 2008 paving the way for the MOST unelectable old timer moderate candidate, John McCain. Now that he is back in it he is listening to the same "know nothing" campaign advisors who have steered campaigns like McCains off the cliff for years.
Please someone tell Mitt the tired old theory that you must move to the middle to win in the general is completely false!!
Just think if you are a member of one of the majority groups to the right or to the left and you have an opportunity to vote for a candidate who is truly right or truly left in your own party and a moderate, which one are you going to vote for?
Battleground survey has shown for years that only around 5% to 10% of us actually don't self identify as either conservative or liberal so Mitt stop moving to the middle.

Our nominee needs to follow Ronald Reagan's advise and just be proudly conservative!

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