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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Georgia Court to Finally Ask for Proof of Obama's Eligibility

A Georgia Court has demanded to see proof that Candidate Barack Obama is indeed a "natural born" citizen before being allowed to have his name placed on Georgia's Democratic primary ballot in March.

I created this video in 2008 with fellow patriot, Jim Ellison, just a few short weeks after this mysterious candidate succeeded in duping the American people into electing him to serve as our "natural born" President, despite revealing very little of his background.

Since then every lawsuit addressing this matter has been halted before it has begun due to "lack of standing" which means that no one individual including one of his former political opponents apparently is qualified to demand our President prove his eligibility under the Constitution. We doubters may finally find satisfaction when this court hears the case tomorrow. I for one would dearly love to see Obama and his team defend the viability of that suspicious looking long form birth certificate that our President is passing off as the genuine article.

Perhaps if at long last it is proven that he has indeed been disingenuous all along in order to command the greatest nation on our planet, then the remedy must include trying Obama and every complicit member of the DNC, Congress and his cabinet for high treason then to resend all of his administration's appointees, laws, rules and agencies. As much as possible all should be returned to the way it was before Obama was elected to be our President.

While I understand that putting the genie back into the bottle may be impossible never the less we citizens of the US deserve to know that everything that can be done will be done to rectify this Constitutional crisis through implementation of safeguards to ward off any future attempts by any foreign person to again falsely assume our country's highest office.

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