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Monday, January 23, 2012

Where did 08's most Conservative Candidate Go?

Mitt Romney met his wife at Cranbrook/Kingswood where both myself and my mother graduated from high school. My mother was a boarding student who was invited by her friend Jane Romney to spend Thanksgiving with her family in 1955 before Mitt's father entered politics.
I was able to meet Governor Romney after I created this video in 2008 while he was campaigning for John McCain. He was very friendly and seems to be a man of good character and I would be proud to have him take the helm and steer our country back to the shinning beacon of freedom that we once represented.
This will never happen if Mitt does not strongly embrace conservatism.
I just ran in a special election Congressional primary race against a moderate GOP establishment backed LDS candidate, Rob Cornilles. I recognize many similarities in how both the '12 Romney and '11 Cornilles campaigns are run. The same brilliantly stupid theory is obviously being implemented by both campaigns. The flawed concept that you must run to the middle and abandon your base to attract the small number of moderates and enough liberals to win is simply WRONG! You will obviously alienate any strong support FOR you by your base and no self respecting liberal Democrat will abandon their own party to vote for a liberal LIGHT Republican so you LOSE. Which is exactly what happened to Mr. Cornilles when he ran against our disgraced former Congressman, David Wu in 2010. I retain high hopes that Rob's elevated name recognition and the fact that he is running against a person who propped up David Wu for years by hiding his problems from the public, will deliver him a victory this time around.
This plan will not work for Mitt and hopefully he will throw out his current moderate campaign advisors and invite only truly conservative grassroots advisors to direct his campaign if he wishes to serve as our President.

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