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Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Not Support the Candidate Everyone Likes- Rick Santorum

The Romney supporters can’t stand Newt Gingrich, while the Gingrich supporters can’t stand Mitt Romney and the Ron Paul supporters can’t stand either one of them, so why not vote for steady Eddy the guy everyone likes, Senator Rick Santorum who has remained conservative throughout his entire career and the fact that he does not have big beltway money influencing his campaign is all the more reason why he should earn our votes. Senator Santorum’s only shortcoming is that he has not governed a state but then again neither did Abraham Lincoln.
The left desperately wants either Mitt or Newt to be our nominee because they have counter attacks all set up and ready to go for either candidate, but Senator Santorum is the wild card who simply cannot be destroyed with opposition research. Once Mitt were to get the nomination they will pull out the anti-Wallstreet “Occupiers” and argue that Mitt gave us Obamacare “we only copied his MA plan after all…” and with Newt’s full closet of skeletons on display for all the tabloids to expose we will find ourselves with 4 more years of economic destruction by Obama.
Senator Santorum NEVER
-supported an individual mandate as did both Mitt & Newt
-proposed to his 2nd and 3rd wife before informing his current wife that he wanted a divorce as Newt did
-crafted his state’s socialist healthcare system with an individual mandate as Mitt did
-wrote racist newsletters as Ron Paul did
Neither of the two frontrunners have to date won more states than Rick Santorum has so what is the big fuss about “the Mitt” and “the Newt?”
Vote Conservative!
Vote for Rick Santorum for President of the United States.
Lisa Michaels
Spokesperson Conservative Party USA

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