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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lisa Michaels is back in the hunt for Oregon's CD1

I am pleased to report that I have just filed to run for the Republican Congressional nomination in Oregon's 1st District.

As many of you may know I ran a tough primary race for this position during last year's Special Election to replace the disgraced Congressman David Wu. Unfortunately, the victor in our primary race, Rob Cornilles, was unsuccessful in defeating David Wu's long time friend and supporter Suzanne Bonamici.

David Wu's Democrat supporters deceived us for 12 years by propping him up and hiding his unethical personal life, we Oregonians should not have rewarded his supporters by electing one of them to replace him as our Representative in Congress.

It is my hope that once the members of our community learn the truth about the woman they recently elected to replace David Wu, that they will support the conservative Lisa Michaels as our new Congressional Representative this November. 

I welcome your advice and support as we seek to return integrity to Oregon's 1st Congressional District.


Lisa Michaels

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