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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lisa Michaels for Congress: On the Ballot, and the Issues

Primary Ballots will begin being sent out tomorrow through Monday, and you will see Lisa Michaels for Oregon 1st is on the ballot for US Congress CD1. Please check out the voter's guide image link below to see where Lisa Michaels stands on the issues, in comparison to her opponent.  After reading about Lisa you too will agree, that Lisa Michaels is the RIGHT candidate to limit Government spending and lower taxes in order to help Small Businesses create more jobs, while at the same time preserving traditional family values. 

Lisa Michaels will work for you to get America back on the RIGHT track. 

Please vote the RIGHT way on May 15th- Lisa Michaels for US Congress.

Click the link below to read.


  1. I'm voting for you, but couldn't find your picture and profile in my voter's guide. Seems fishy to me!

    1. Did you know it cost $2500 just to have your bio in the pamphlet? Not sure where all that money goes either. Someone's pocket?

      We'll be posting each day about the issues, and where Lisa stands. Stay tuned, and thank you.

  2. All those wishing to both identify themselves and refrain from personal attacks are free to comment away, however those who violate these basic rules of decency will not be allowed to play with the rest of us.