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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tuesday's Bloodless Coup

We have just witnessed a bloodless coup on Tuesday, it is so obvious even my 14 year old could see it. This well produced video explains why we have witnessed a significant rise in identity theft in tandem with a rise in vote by mail and left leaning election results. This scheme explains the sudden increase in voting from traditionally low voting communities. With weeks to manufacture left leaning mail in ballots it is no wonder state's like Oregon have not been able to elect a Republican to statewide office since all vote by mail was implemented. If we are to take back control of our government from these crooks, then we must expose the fraud and outlaw vote by mail and early voting by requiring photo ID at our neighborhood polling places exclusively on Election Day.

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  1. Another sign that our conservative votes are being thrown out in favor of manufactured liberal ballots is that despite raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions the liberals like Congressman Blumenauer and Ellen Rosenblum fail to see the need to actually use that money to purchase advertising time, flyers or signage. They know they don't need to wage a true campaign because the race is fixed from the get go.