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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Time to Replace the Republican Party

The writing is on the wall, the Republican Party has been dealt a fatal blow.

Since the Republicans are legally barred from investigating obvious election fraud and the Democrats have successfully besmirched the name "Republican" now we must change the game and replace the party.

Take the same basic structure of the Republican Party as it was created during the days of its founder, Abraham Lincoln, and switch to the Conservative Party USA. All party officers would need to be renominated and re-elected, all serving Republican Congressmen and women would need to change their party affiliation. When running for re-election we should try to vet our incumbents office holders in the primary to make sure they are truly conservative enough to represent the new party.

The left has tried for years to vilify the name "conservative" yet to no avail. The people have been fed up with both party IDs for years moving more and more towards independent registration, but we know that the 3 parties system will not work. We allowed these sinister leftists to plot and destroy the Republican Party for years and now we must abandon it if we are to ever regain control of the White House and the Senate.

Oregon is the model for this Agenda 21, globalist scheme facilitated by vote by mail fraud, which has spread to the neighboring states of Washington and California. Ever since these states began generating most if not all their votes via electronic vote by mail or absentee ballots, nothing but socialist tax and spend Democrats have controlled these formerly conservative states. Lead by California all of these liberal states are bleeding residents as business owners flee these debt ridden, anti-business, Socialist states.

In 2008 they used the Oregon scheme to elect Democrats to all levels of the Federal government. Now they have fine tuned their election fixing scheme to ensure victories in statewide races for Senate and the Presidency. We must outlaw once and for all, vote by mail and ensure all absentee ballots are need based with ID provided by the voter when requesting an absentee ballot. Then require all voters to provide photo ID when voting an English only ballot, because in order to be a naturalized US citizen you must pass an English test.

Perhaps, then and only then will we be able to feel confident in our election results.

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