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Monday, March 18, 2013

Legislators Trying to Make Fixing the Vote Easier in Oregon

From Janice Dysinger member of the Oregon Citizens Lobby:

Oregon Election bills assault our election process.

 Report from Oregon Citizens Lobby Elections, Initiatives and Referenda Team
Please URGE A NO VOTE on all these bills.
There are several proposed elections bills which will Constitutionally change the way we choose and recall our governing bodies!.

Monday, March 18th, 2013 Agenda

HB 2738  FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Elected PCPs Changes name of office of "precinct committee person" to "precinct representative." Modifies manner in which precinct representatives may be elected. Ask for a NO VOTE This bill virtually eliminates PCRs' elections. HB2738 also takes away certain voting rights of elected PCPs vs appointed PCPs.
HB 3304 **  FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Creates Commission on Fitness of County Clerks to appoint county clerks, hold hearings upon complaints concerning conduct of county clerk and censure or remove county clerks for cause. Ask for a NO VOTE 
Only takes affect if HJR 32 is approved by the people. 

Clerks are locally elected and accountable to local citizens. This bill calls for a drastic change in the way we choose and recall the office of County Clerk a total assault on Local Control It creates and expensive and potentially abusive bureaucracy to oversee County Clerks. All of the current selection and discipline of these Clerks is changed. They are subject to a hearing on the accusation of One citizen and some of the information that is presented in the hearings done by the 'Masters' may be hidden from the public, see Section 5 of this bill.  Please read the draconian language of this bill for your self.
HJR 32  FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution toremove county clerks from elective officials of county. Ask for a NO VOTE!!
This bill calls for drastic change in the way we choose and recall the office of County Clerk and it is a total assault on Local Control  This bill is subject to the public vote. Currently these Clerks are locally elected and accountable to local citizens through the election and recall process. Recalls are already set forth in Article ll Section 18 of our Oregon Constitution. ( ***or see quotation at bottom of this letter) This is an Extraordinary Assult on our Constitutional rights.
HB 2198  FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Requires designated voter registration agencies to submit change of address information to Secretary of State for purposes of updating voter registration. ASK for a VOTE NO, sets up a nanny gossip reporting system from all agencies to update electors registration information. This includes VERBAL information given to any department. Communication is not always done well, now start to include verbal communications, misspelling misunderstandings, multiple things can make this process not work especially by a third party. Communication about the electors information should be left to the elector. Voter registration misinformation can result in a class 3 felony charge for the elector.

HB 3077  FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Enacts Interstate Compact for Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular VoteAsk for a VOTE NO. This is an assault on our US Constitution. It destroys the way we include all citizens from our society so that they have an equal opportunity to be represented. Bill Whittle explains the Electoral college
OCL have analyzed these bills, view at
TTV requires to enter the bill number

Do what ever you can to  dissuade the these bills. Come to the House Rules Committee for Monday at 3 PM Hearing Room 50. Ask them do do something specific: VOTE NO or amend the bills. Be courteous but firm. Extend invitations to them to talk with yourself and citizens you know.  Also check out for more information on writing to your legislator.
The following suggestions are listed in their impact on the process. It is especially important if one of them is your representative! (Please let me know if this is the case for you.)
Show up at the hearing and tell your story. How this bill will affect you? This makes a BIG difference.
Make calls to the Legislators
Fax a letter to them.
Email a letter to them.
Here are the committee members and email contacts .
Chair Representative Chris Garrett, Vice-Chair Representative Wally Hicks, Vice-Chair Representative Val Hoyle, Members    Representative Bob Jenson, Representative Bill Kennemer, Representative Paul Holvey, Representative Phil Barnhart,  RepresentativeVicki Berger, and Representative Michael Dembrow . You can send one email to the committee Administrator Erin Seiler  prior to Monday and it should be distribute to House Rules members.


  1. Thanks for posting on MarkLevinShow's Facebook Page, I agree with you and have shared your post. I also encourage spreading your message with [share-everywhere] insert. I used to live in Lake Oswego and I completely agree with your effort. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Lyneil VandermolenMarch 18, 2013 at 3:08 PM

    As a phone bank worker for several elections cycles, I've lost count of how many people say the person I've called for has moved from the family home and gone to another state as long as five years earlier. They should have been purged from the system by now. But will our Secretary of State conduct an audit or investigate if all voter registrants are citizens? Nah!