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Monday, March 25, 2013

Right Triumphs Over Wrong At Last

On March 26, 2013 for perhaps the first time ever the Professional Liability Fund (PLF) monopoly will be forced to defend their actions in front of a jury. After 9 long years, Mack Arthur Woods has outlasted the corrupt legal protection racket endemic here in Oregon.

The very fact that I am writing this as an actual news story, shows the magnitude of this corrupt system. The injustice began when Mack's own lawyer struck a deal that delivered most of his hard earned assets to his unfaithful new wife.

Mack wanted justice, simple enough until you consider the full weight of every attorney in Oregon was arraigned against his right to a jury trial. The intimidation tactics used against this brave Vietnam veteran for having the audacity to demand his day in court were outrageous. When every attorney in Oregon relies on low annual malpractice insurance premiums, then every attorney in Oregon has a vested interest in settling all attorney malpractice lawsuits outside of court or without the risk of a jury trial.

Apparently in an effort to maintain affordable premiums, the PLF has their member attorneys and judges discourage jury trials by any means possible. Including purposely misinterpreting the law and in some cases by ordering plaintiffs, like Mack Woods, to pay bogusly large court fees to prevent them from pursuing a remedy through a jury of their peers.

This record setting trial begins jury selection today at the Clackamas County Circuit Court on Main ST in Oregon City. May God grant Mack the reparations he so clearly deserves for the wrongs that were done to him by Oregon's legal system.

Right may very well win the day and it could not happen to a more honorable patriot than my friend Mack Arthur Woods.

Go get 'em Mack!

Check out the jury's verdict : "Oregon Jury finds for Purple Heart/Silver Star Vietnam Veteran"

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  1. Landmark decision by the jury 11-0 found for the plaintiff Mr. Mack A. Woods after the defendant's attorney, Mr. Tate, called this highly decorated (Purple Heart & Silver Star) Vietnam war veteran a liar throughout his final argument. Circuit Court Judge Katherine Weber exposed her bias when she allowed the Mr. Tate to prevail with 2 out of 3 of his motions to dismiss which were not offered until after Judge Weber had allowed Mr. Woods' attorney Tyler Smith to complete his final argument.

    My considered opinion of this process is that Oregonians are ill served by the cronyism of the legal community in Oregon. We must seek legislation to eliminate this monopoly malpractice legal liability fund called the Professional Liability Fund from which all attorneys in Oregon must purchase their malpractice insurance. Because of this system I would highly recommend anyone forced to go to court to demand a jury trial if they hope to find a just resolution to their case.

    In the past year I have attended two civil trials my own against the Secretary of State Michaels vs. Brown and Mack A. Woods vs Gary Hill and the state bias of both judges was obvious to anyone in attendance. Yesterday thankfully the honorable members of the jury recognized the truth and found in favor of the patriot Mack Woods.

    In this case right did triumph over wrong at long last.