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About 10 years ago, I created this blog to expose unreported news stories that were being censored purposely from the general public in order to craft not inform public opinion. We must all seek the truth in all things and reject the lies being fed to us over the airways of the mainstream corporate owned media.

The truth is we are all Blessed with the gift of free will to either choose good or evil, love or hate, forgiveness or un-forgiveness, by worshipping at the alter of either Jesus or the enemy.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Honk for Liberty Overpass Rally Friday 6/7/13

This Friday 6/7/13 5p-7p
Conservative Crew Rally
Inline image 2 


Busy Overpass or Intersection in your area like these locations around Portland:

  • Glisan I205 overpass 

  • NE 12th Avenue I84 overpass 

  • East side of Burnside Bridge I5/I84 exchange overpass 

  • SW Skyline Blvd (Sylvan Sunset/26 overpass) Sunset Transit pedestrian walkway (Sunset/26 overpass) 

  • SW Hall Blvd between Greenburg & 99W 217 overpass*
*My favorite overpass

Avoid the traffic on Friday by displaying your Stars & Stripes and/or your own homemade signs and banners to 1000s of low information voters stuck in the Friday afternoon rush hour.

Inline image 1
Colored duct tape is easy to read on the white side of candidate banners and if you wish to change your message you may simply pull it off. James Buchal has a few such one sided banners at his office: 3425 SE Yamhill in Portland if you wish to swing by and get one.

Preaching to the choir will not stop the corruption, we need to reach our neighbors with our message as the media refuses to do their job. If we populated both sides of the overpass locations listed above we could reach 1/2 million commuters. 

Now that is a lot easier and more fun than walking door to door to reach 10 to 25 registered voters!

See You on the Bridge!

Lisa Michaels
Conservative Crew

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