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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Conservatives Must Change the Rules of Engagement to Win

The only true way to stop the left is by changing the rules of engagement. If the Conservative Party could get minor Party status by running Conservative Party candidates exclusively in ultra liberal districts, we could use fusion voting to support the most conservative Republican candidates. 

In order for the Conservative Party USA to gain status as a Party in Oregon, like the Independent Party, CP-USA would require either 10s of thousands of signatures or to have one of our candidates earn 5% or something of the vote in their district as an exclusively Conservative Party candidate. 

Once established as a Party, Conservatives could change the game on the Left by jointly nominating conservative Republicans and not jointly nominating or even nominating anyone in races where both the Democrat and the Republican candidates are too liberal. The goal can NEVER be to split the conservative votes among the Conservative Party and the Republican Party, just to force support for limited government, pro Constitution and traditional family values, by adding our endorsement/nomination exclusively to those Republican candidates who answer our call. 

Almost all of the conservative activist support groups advocating for our values are 501 C3 or C4 which prevents them from advocating for candidates or initiatives. Since these Tea Party/912/Freedom Works type groups are prevented from doing what is necessary to win, then they will sadly never effect real change in our government. 

I had a lengthy conversation with Mike Long the Chairman of the Conservative Party of New York, which has been around since the 60s unlike the Conservative Party USA which has only been forming affiliates around the country for a few years. CPNY is now making an effort to encourage fusion voting across the country. 

Unlike Oregon's fusion voting where a candidate has all the Parties who nominate a particular candidate listed below their name on the ballot, he would like us to follow NY's model where the candidate's name is listed individually for each Party that nominates them. This way the Conservative Party would have more leverage if for example more voters cast their votes for say Jane Smith as the Conservative Party nominee than Jane Smith as the Republican Party nominee. 

I believe once the Conservative Party is established it would generate a massive numbers of newly registered Conservative voters, which would dramatically increase our influence. The critical component is to ensure that we do NOT follow the losing examples of other minor parties and nominate unknown outsiders who split the conservative vote and help the liberals. 

The end goal must be to replace the Republican Party nationwide, not to compete with them. Lincoln did it over 100 years ago and we could do it now under this model. 

Just think about the prospect of ushering in brand new conservative leadership into the Party and in Congress. For those Republican politicians, who switch their allegiance to the newly formed Conservative Party, would have to agree to term limits in order to prevent the corrupt practices advanced through our current seniority system. Our new Conservative brand would be more commensurate with the majority and our new Party would be free to investigate and fight election fraud schemes like the ones being implemented here in Oregon with "all vote by mail" and ES&S voting machines. 


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