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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The RINO Solution: Replace Not Compete with the GOP

RINO SOLUTION: We must replace, not compete with the GOP, by pulling a Lincoln. The (Republicans in name only) RINOs cavalierly thumb their noses at the Tea Party conservatives because they know conservatives have no choice. What are we conservatives going to do, vote for the liberal Democrats? Yes, indeed, the time has come to replace the Republican Party with the Conservative Party

HOW: Establish the Conservative Party registration status in all 50 states, then organize support for only the truly conservative Republican Primary candidates. During the General Election the Conservative Party USA should only co-nominate the truly conservative GOP nominees running for office. Remaining silent on those RINOs that make it through their Primary election. 

Until the GOP becomes a minor Party, the Conservative Party must never run a competing candidate against the Republican nominee in a viable election. Doing so would have the obvious result of swinging such an election to the worst possible choice of the Left. Lest we forget the lessons of the 1992 Ross Perot disaster. 

For example, Our new Party would support say Rand Paul for President during the GOP Primary and if he won the Republican nomination the Conservative Party would likewise nominate Rand Paul as the Conservative Party nominee. 

Once there are more Conservative Party members, than there are Republicans, Independents and hopefully Democrat members, then we encourage all conservative Republicans to change their Party affiliation and disband the Republican Party entirely. 

The new Party must require all incumbents politicians and Party leaders to take a one term holiday from public service to allow others to step in for at least one term. If the incumbent is actually one of the really good ones then he/she should easily be re-elected without the built in advantage of incumbency. 

In addition we must establish term limits and a simple rating system to allow voters to recognize which candidates have upheld their oath of office to protect and defend our US & State Constitutions. The new Party should establish a disciplinary committee with an efficient method by which corrupt elected Party politicians may be immediately removed for violation of their oath of office.

None of this is possible without exposing and eliminating the wholesale election fraud system being perpetrated in all blue states as outlined in my 2 part documentary. Back in the 80s the Republican Party agreed in court not to investigate election fraud in heavily racially diverse states, for fear of being labeled racist, yet the purpose of  a political Party is to win elections. With a brand new Party we will no longer be bound by the GOP's suicidal agreement with the Left. We will finally be able to purge our absentee electoral rolls of the illegitimate dead, illegal alien, under aged children, dogs, cats and the recently relocated voters. 

We must also eliminate the corrupt ES&S/Chuck Hagel voting machines from every county. Once we can feel confident that only the truly eligible 18+ US citizens are selecting our representatives then we will be well on the road to recovery. 

Our new Party would give a huge majority of the population the honest, political home they are so craving. By establishing a new conservative, liberty and freedom oriented Party, we would finally be able to clean out the corrupt, self-centered, liberal RINO leadership and offer the American people a new and improved brand- Conservative Party.

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