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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Real Obama Care-less Plan

The Real Obama Could Care Less Health Plan

If you liked your canceled insurance, you can now find new insurance, give up your identity to thieves, lose your job and pay twice as much!

The Unaffordable Healthcare scheme was essentially set up to keep their all seeing eye on each of us. The Left needs to be able to manage our likes and our dislikes, where we want to live, who we trust or what God if any we worship. All of this in order to condition our opinions to comply with their Utopian Marxist new world order. This evil plan appears to be devised by a megalomaniac villain reminiscent of a 60's era Bond flick. 

All of this Big Brother control has been in the works for over 100 years. George Orwell was off by about 30 years, when he predicted most of this tyranny in his novel "1984." This diabolical scheme appears to rely heavily upon the dumbing down of our society through the public education system and their tightly controlled news and entertainment media. 

Social media provides us with an outlet to relieve the flood of indoctrination stimuli being aimed at each of us everyday. While the Internet offers the Left a fountain of ready personal information about each of us; the web has also proven to be a double edged sword. Digital communications like blogs, Instagram, Youtube, Vine, Facebook, IM and twitter allow us to instantly expose Big Brother government's tyrannical efforts to relieve us of our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   

The great advantage of the free-market system is that people will find a way around government over reach in order to survive. The Government has no such incentive and is inherently inefficient and predisposed to corruption. When you are authorized to spend money that you never earned, you will not consider efficiency to be a high priority. This is why government projects from the "Big Dig" in Boston to the Obamacare website traditionally take far longer and cost far more than if these projects were designed and build by the free-market. 

The Big Government question is will the Un-Affordable Healthcare Plan become one of the very few laws ever to be repealed? Will Congress finally serve the American people and give the healthcare industry back to the free market where it belongs? 

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