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Thursday, July 31, 2014

For the 1st Time Ever

Not one but two conservative candidates for Congress have taken to promoting their candidacies together on the standup comedy stages of Portland. These two brave individuals recognize that while most people are not interested in the complicated minutiae thrown back and forth during a political competition, everyone likes to enjoy a good laugh. Just as the late night comedians find endless material from the banks of the Potomac River, so do our two candidates for Congress.

With 85% of the American people disapproving of the lack of effort being put forth by the current crop of incompetents in Congress, our two candidates have a seemingly endless supply of scandals and wrongheaded laws to poke fun at. Debuting on the Harvey's Comedy Club stage, on Tuesday, August 12th will be patriots, James Buchal, who is running to replace IRS sycophant Bow Tie Earl Blumenauer, in Portland and for NW Oregon, Jason Yates who is running to replace disgraced former Congressman, David Wu's close friend Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici.

If you haven't already reserved your tickets at Harvey's Comedy Club you need to do so right away as space is limited.

This humorous fundraiser should be a lot of fun, especially since I will be flying back to Portland to serve as Master of Ceremonies. It has been years since I studied improv comedy at the Groundlings in LA and The Brody in Portland, so I am looking forward to getting back onto the comedy stage.

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Jim Greenfield, author of The Taxman Cometh. Jim will be offering a copy of his book to anyone who generously donates $150 or more to help send James Buchal and Jason Yates to Congress. 

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