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Saturday, August 16, 2014

All Vote by Mail Fraud = Tyranny

Oregon, Washington & California where dogs, cats, long dead relatives, under aged children, cartoon characters, illegal aliens, relocated college students, fraudulently determine the winners of their Elections. What price convenience? 

Unfortunately, I fear that unless Oregon conservatives are able to organize teams of ballot trackers to collect video evidence of ballots being manufactured prior to being dropped off at county Election offices, then this November will continue to harvest exclusively Democratic victories in Multnomah, Lane and Washington counties. The end result will be the re-election of Kitzhaber, Merkley, DeFazio, Blumenauer and Bonamici despite little to no TV/radio marketing to garner their Democratic victories.  After all why should candidates who know their victories have been guaranteed waste any money or time on campaigning.

Let's not forget 2010 when Dudley raised $11 million, while Kitz raised only $4 million yet Kitz won. Obviously in Oregon campaign money raised has relatively nothing to do with electoral success otherwise Chris Dudley would be running for re-election right now.

Sadly, I strongly suspect that the Republican political consulting gang in Oregon sees "viable" candidates as those GOP nominees who can make them rich on their way to Electoral defeat. Just think, how much more desperate the wealthy business owners and PACs in Oregon will be to donate to their "viable" candidates after losing every major Election since "all vote by mail fraud" was implemented in 2000. Their history of anointing so called "viable" candidates is long including: Saxton, Mannix, Dudley, Cornilles, Bruun, Smith and now in 2014 Wehby and Richardson.

Just as Detroit has been destroyed by decades of fixed Elections, so will the West coast which has unfortunately fallen prey to the convenience of all vote by mail fraud. When a politician no longer answers to his/her voters, our free Republic is no more. Since all political power is derived by Electoral victories, election fraud is the root cause of the corruption in our country.

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