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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Election Fraud= Alabama Citizens Denied Their Choice for US Senate

As long as the media and crooked incumbent politicians are able to secure their re-elections by rigging electronic voting machines, busing in out of state & illegal, ineligible, illegitimate voters to rig the elections as they clearly did in Roy Moore's December 12th race for U. S. Senate, then we truly have no say in our government.

Please donate what you can to finance Roy Moore's Recount for justice.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

UPDATED Proof Election Fraud Rigged Alabama Senate Race

God is in control this may be His way of exposing the rampant voter fraud that has plagued our country for far too long and must be stopped before our 2018 elections. As long as the crooks in Congress know their re-elections are secure they will continue to violate the trust of their voters, by standing in the way of our President Donald Trump's efforts to Make America Great Again. 

The web posting that I read in the following video appears not to be true from MSM sources. On the contrary if the Birmingham Patch is to be believed the Alabama SOS, John Merrill has chosen to wait until the last possible legal moment to finally count the provisional ballots which also just happens to be the 1st day he is legally able to certify the race for Jones and coincidentally the day after Christmas, when few people will be paying any Moore attention to this crookedly run election. 

I am afraid the fraudsters are right now messing with the election machines to revote the images if that is possible. Roy Moore should immediately post a survey of voters who voted for him, since it is public record who voted, his voters need only attest to the fact that they voted for him with their initials, last name and zip code. Then when a precinct's totals do not match up you simply have the Moore voters swear to their vote. 

Votes for Judge Roy Moore in the December 12, 2017 Election
If you would be willing to attest to the fact that you did indeed vote for Roy Moore
in the December 12th Special Election for U.S. Senate please list your initials last name and zip code below:
 First Initial   Middle Initial     Last Name Zip Code

Above is a picture of the vote total Jones is up by just 4,781votes at 9:09PM from the Alabama Secretary of States unofficial results tally as of the moment Fox News called the Alabama Senate race for Judge Roy Moore's opponent Doug Jones

Just about 6 minutes later Jones is up by ONLY 608 votes as all the news stations were calling Doug Jones the winner.

Then a big reversal of fortunes 41 minutes later after Doug Jones has completed his acceptance speech we see that Judge Roy Moore is now back on top by 6,152 votes! This is after the news media has declared unanimously that Doug Jones won! Outrageous!

Next we see that the Alabama Secretary of State took a full half hour to get Jones back on top by  12,410 (.99% difference) votes but it then took the Alabama SOS just 15 more minutes to settle on the current Jones margin of victory of 20,715 votes, which as of the writing of this blog on Sunday 12/17/17 4:45 is still the total.

Yet there are these stories floating around stating that truth may have triumphed over fraud and there remains the hope that the Democrat and Republican anti-Christian anti-Judge Roy Moore factions may be exposed through a recount arising from the added military and provisional ballot count which apparently has Judge Moore up by a few hundred votes. 

The following links appear to be false, if someone found any truth to them please comment below.


Please donate & support my efforts to expose the fraud. Because Google has been censoring my videos for 10 years I have taken down all advertising to prevent their advertisers from profiting from my content without remitting accurate compensation for my work. 
May God Bless you!
Enjoy a very Merry Christmas!

Conservative Lisa

Friday, December 8, 2017

See How the Left Continues to Appoint Swamp Monster Judges

Multnomah County GOP Chair
James Buchal

MCRP Questions Federal Judge Selection Process in Oregon

The Multnomah County Republican Party (MCRP) today wrote a letter to President Trump, warning that a judicial selection committee screening selections for the federal judiciary contains one Republican, four Democrats, and one Independent.  MCRP Chair James L. Buchal stated:  “we find it impossible to understand why a Republican administration would knowingly establish a judicial selection committee controlled by Democrats.”  
Buchal provided other examples to suggest that the President’s “swamp-draining efforts in Oregon have been subverted,” and expressed hope that the White House would take a greater role in the selection of future federal officials setting policy for Oregonians.  The MCRP also expressed continuing support for the President and looks forward to helping him get re-elected.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Clinton Foundation/Uranium One Caused Oregon Standoff & FBI Finicum Murder

The Rest of the Land Grab Story by Shawna Cox

Obama's FBI promptly responded in just 6 days, to Oregon Governor Kate Brown's request to end the standoff, by ambushing and killing in cold blood, a concerned rancher, Lavoy Finicum, who simply sought to discuss the Uranium One land grabbing conspiracy, with the neighboring county's Sheriff. The stand off by ranchers was to bring attention to the fact that the BLM is unlawfully taking private property from Oregon families, who have owned their land for years. 

Recent news reports found that all this was done to allow the corrupt politicians in Oregon and DC to mine, sell and transport our uranium to Canada and on to Uranium One's true owners the Russian government. Our politicians have sold out the United States to one of our enemies, for cash and because there are so many powerful people with their hands in the Uranium One treason conspiracy, no one in the Department of Justice seems to have the stomach to indict anyone. We must demand justice!

The intent of their trip was to speak with Grant county people about the Subversive federal land grabbing initiatives that have taken over eastern Oregon & other western states.   +60% of Oregon is under Federal control.  Nevada is  under +75% Federal control.  How can we have self governance & States rights when there's this much Federal control of our land??

At the first stop, Lavoy & Ryan Bundy (represented himself in trial to a Not Guilty verdict) knew they might be shot at & repeatedly tell Oregon state police they are going to meet the Sheriff.  Toward the end of the video you will see the point where they reach the FBI / OSP road block that was setup in a No Cell zone, on an Icy road & on a curve.  Law enforcement characterize this stop as a "dead man road block."  

Before Lavoy exits the truck & gets shot many many times,  you will see that OSP or Federal agents indeed fired multiple shots into the truck cab.  Ryan Bundy Still has a bullet in his arm that federal prosecutors tried to have Forcibly removed during his Jail stay in Portland.  Seems No One in Oregon media mentioned that... Lars? 🤔

Because of Shawna's cell phone video, we Now know that at least 1 Federal agent has been indicted on Felony charges for Lying about shooting Lavoy Finicum. 

Lavoy (& the Bundys) did not go to Burns, Oregon for a Gun fight with law enforcement nor did he go to "Commit Suicide by Cop."  The most critical point to make about Lavoy;  He jumped out of the truck to SAVE FELLOW PASSENGERS from Also being Shot to death.   That is 100% Fact.  Just study the video.

Oregon fake news contends that Lavoy was killed because he reached for a concealed pistol.  Where is the PROOF that Lavoy reached for a concealed pistol?  Clearly from the video, he was being shot at Before he exited the truck. 

Now apply some Logic here:
Does it make sense that Lavoy (from Arizona), would illegally conceal carry a Ruger 9mm on his way to meet with Sheriff Palmer? 

Umm...  🤔.  No... Not Likely.

Would Lavoy really pull a small hand gun & attempt to shoot back @ Law enforcement who were already firing multiple high powered rifles at him?? 

Umm... 🤔... No... Not Likely.

Again.  We know that at least 1 Federal agent lied about shooting Lavoy & his passengers.  Should we believe their story about him reaching for a concealed pistol before they shot him?  

Absolutely Not.....

Shifting gears:  I don't think there's any dispute that Kate Brown, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkely, Earl Blumenhaur, Steve Grasty & the marxist Oregon Media are loyal to the Clintons, Obama, Podestas, The many Soros tentacles & Frank Guistra (?) but of particular Interest;

A letter below from Kate Brown's office indicating communications with Steve Grasty & Boyd Britton regarding "serious concern" that people of Harney / Grant Counties & Sheriff Palmer were "sympathetic to the Lavoy Finicum / Bundy message."   There's also discussion about the "occupiers travel between Harney county & Grant county."  Theres essentially the 1 main Road.  It is a safe assumption that they discussed setting up this road block. 

Judge Anna Brown (Clinton appointee) did not allow Ammon Bundy's lawyer to present this letter as evidence in Trial.  Why Not?  Would it have shown too much involvement by fellow Clinton loyalist Oregon Governor Kate Brown to squash dissent?

Another letter below from Gov. Kate Brown's office to the "Honorable Barack Obama" 😂confirming that she "speaks for All Oregonians" & intends to put an end to the Harney County occupation by "Armed Radicals..."   Note that Kate Never speaks this garbage when AntiFa trashes downtown Portland or makes national news shutting down the annual Portland Rose Parade. 

Kate Brown's letter below to James Comey & Loretta Lynch demonstrating her obvious vested interest to shut down these "radical voices" of opposition in Harney County, Oregon.  hmm... 🤔  2 names now synonymous with Clinton Corruption.  

Finally & as noted above, Ammon / Ryan Bundy & Lavoy Finicum came to Burns, Oregon to spread a message to rural Oregonians & Expose the corrupt BLM / USFS harassment directed at ranching families like the Hammonds.  Clearly these guys have been successful in pissing off land grabbing Democrats as they did in Nevada.

For extensive research on the land grabbing bills which are tied to the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, Podesta Group, Kentoupes Denham, DE Shaw Group, Calico Resources, ENN, etc..  
Please See the attached letter from researcher Lazaro Ecenarro addressed to the President Trump administration.  

I hope that the information presented here becomes useful to someone with a bigger voice than mine.


Open letter to the Trump Administration from Lazaro Ecenarro:

To whom it may concern in the President Donald J. Trump Administration,
CC: Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, Dr. Jerome Corsi,

I am Lazaro Ecenarro.  I am an American citizen who believes in the rights our Constitution and Bill of Rights grant us including Life, Liberty, The Pursuit of happiness and the defense thereof.   Private land rights is no exception to my belief in the rights that are granted from the U.S. Constitution.   I am originally from Miami, Florida area but currently reside in Roswell, New Mexico.  Since the 2014 attempted seizure of the Cliven Bundy Family Ranch led by the corrupt Bureau of Land Management agent Dan P. Love and the USFS / BLM harassment and imprisonment of the Hammond ranching family of Burns, Oregon, I have been researching   land grabbing efforts made by congressional leadership, President Obama, President Clinton.  The land grabbing agenda has been heavily backed by major lobbying interests, multi – national corporations and hedge fund advisories including Podesta Group, Kountoupes Denham, Quantum Fund / Soros Funds Management, DE Shaw CO, Saban Corp., Uranium One, ENN and Calico Resources. 

Through this work we find that the land and resource grabbing bills, many that begin by tying environmental legislation and / or litigation (desert tortoise, sage grouse, spotted owl, etc) connect directly to Lobbying groups and hedge fund firms which contribute money to the environmental litigation groups (The Center for Bio Diversity) or as we also see “pay for play” schemes via the Clinton Foundation.  In the Links / Summaries below, you will find land / resource grabbing bills and research applicable to regions of Oregon, Nevada, Southern Utah dating back to the early 1980s.   We hope that you can use this research in your efforts to bring the land and resources back to We the People and Make America Great Again.

Steens Mountain BLM / Oregon

Prior to reading the information regarding Minerals on "STEENS MOUNTAIN", The Eight fundamental questions everyone needs to ask themselves as following:

-       What year did Steven Grasty reside in Harney County?

-       What year did Steven Grasty run for public office?

-       What year did Steven Grasty start participating in committee(s) regarding Minerals on "STEENS   MOUNTAIN" ?

-       In 2002; Did Steven Grasty and Ron Wyden EVER testified in front of congress regarding "STEENS MOUNTAIN ACT "?

-       Did Steven Grasty EVER purchase land from the government?

-       Did Steven Grasty EVER participate in Forest Restoration?

-       Did Steven Grasty EVER receive or accept "FEDERAL GRANTS" pertaining to Fire?

-       Does Steven Grasty have family that work for the "BLM" as a "GIS"?

Adopted June 26, 1980: Steens Mountain Harney County comprehensive plan Steven E Grasty and others

NOTE: Uranium, Mercury, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Water and other Minerals

1987: Minerals Resources of "High Steens and Little Blitzen Gorge Wilderness" Harney County Oregon (U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1740-A)

NOTE: Uranium, Mercury, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Water and other Minerals

Steens Mountain Wilderness (under Public Law 106-399 Oct. 30th, 2000)

-       Wild Horse Creek

-       Pike Creek

-       Donner and Blitzen River

-        Riddle Brothers Ranch

-       Roaring Springs Ranch

-       Little Blitzen Gorge Wilderness

Oct. 30th, 2000: Steens Mountain Wilderness Congressional Hearing (Public Law 106-399 and H.R. 4828)

Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Act of 2000 (PL 106-399)

In the late 1990s, a Clinton Administration with Bruce Babbitt proposal to create a national monument on southeast Oregon’s Steens Mountain provoked loud protest among anti-monument interests.

NOTE: Who APPOINTED Ann Aikens and Anna J Brown as federal judges?

September of 2001: Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area Vol. 2
  • Harney County, Oregon Judge Steven E Grasty
  • (D)Senator Ron Wyden
  • (R)Senator Gordon Smith
  • (R)Congressman Greg Walden
  • Rhonda Karges

FALL 2001 Desert Rambling: Steens-Alvord Act
  • Harney County, Oregon Judge Steven E Grasty
  • (D)Senator Ron Wyden 
  • (R)Senator Gordon Smith
  • (R)Congressman Greg Walden
  • Stacy Davies
  • and Others

NOTE: orchestrating the land "Theft" of the Burns Paiute tribes and ranchers.

2002: STEENS Mountain, background and planning process history of Harney County Oregon

NOTE: Judge Steven Grasty and others

May 29, 2002; Congressional hearing of the STEEN MOUNTAIN ACT (S. Hearing 107-756)
  • (D)Senator Ron Wyden
  • Harney County, Oregon Judge Steven E Grasty
  • (R)Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli
  • (R)Senator Gordon Smith
  • Fred Otley

June 8, 2002 Congressional Hearing: STEENS MOUNTAIN COOPERATIVE MANAGEMENT AND PROTECTION ACT (Serial No. 107-124)
  • (D)Congressman Peter Defazio
  • (R)Senator Gordon Smith
  • (R)Congressman Greg Walden
  • Pete Runnels
  • Stacy Davies
  • Fred Otley
  • Jerry Otley
  • Jerry Sutherland

Fall 2002 Desert Rambling: STEENS Mountain, Endanger Species Act and Minerals. Which is the cause of land theft of the ranchers and Burns Paiute tribes
  • (D)Senator Ron Wyden
  • (R)Congressman Greg Walden
  • (D)Congressman Earl Blumenaur
  • (R)Senator Gordon Smith

December 5, 2003: STEENS Mountain PLAN in Oregon and Nevada have strong MINING CONTRACTS with INDUSTRY LEADERS

MARCH 16 & 17, 2006: STEENS MOUNTAIN ADVISORY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES,%202006%20Final%20Meeting%20Minutes.pdf

Adopted November of 2009: STEENS Mountain Harney County Comprehensive Plan

Note: The Hammond Family tried to stop corrupt Steven E Grasty land grabbing bills.

June 11, 2010: Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council Meeting under PUBLIC LAW 106-399 "AKA STEENS ACT" by Clinton in 2000

NOTE: Someone purposely REMOVED this hyperlink and document which connects to the LAND theft from the Ranchers and Burns Paiute Tribe... 🤔
  • Former President Bill Clinton
  • Clinton Administration US Sec of Interior Bruce Babbitt
  • (D)Senator Ron Wyden
  • (R)Senator Gordon Smith
  • Harney County, Oregon Judge Steven E Grasty
  • (R)Congressman Greg Walden
  • Dan Nichols
  • Cliff Bentz
  • Brain Wolfe

ONDA: Oregon Natural Desert Association

CAMP: Steens Mountain Cooperative Management Area and Protection Area "OAR Chapter 345, Division 22, Section 40.

Steens Mountain Advisory Council

Citizens Management Advisory Council

BLM: bureau of land management

STEENS RMP: Resource Management Plan

ODOE: Oregon Department of Energy

DOJ: Department of Justice explained "ORS 183.390

2010 "USFWS" on STEENS MOUNTAIN is the SMOKING Gun of the Hammond's land THEFT.

NOTE: Judge Steven E Grasty involvement with Sage-Grouse, Water Conservation, Wildfire and MINERALS at Hammond's Ranch in Harney County BURNS Oregon. Sasly,these criminals are STEALING our Lands, Water, Lumber and Minerals, while hiding behind the "Sage-Grouse" as an Endanger Species. BTW ! Research on all the Committees; in which Judge Steven E Grasty, current Oregon Governor Kate Brown, Cliff Bentz and others directly participated ?

For those geniuses; that questioned my work read and weep. But most of all, I did NOT participate is these Committees, NEVER heard of Harney County or Burns Oregon until our Patriots helped the Hammond's nor did I alter any documents including this document.

To our Patriots, that took a Brave stand for the Hammond's against our Federal "De-Facto" Government, thank you and God Bless you. If this can happened to the Hammond's; could this happened to you and would you want our Patriots to support you

December of 2011: Final Report SPR 686 Uranium and other minerals ARE NATURALLY OCCURRING HAZARDOUS MATERIALS in Harney County Oregon

July 24, 2001 Congressional Public Law 107–20 107th, which they ALSO included the STEENS MOUNTAIN in Harney County.

Steven E Grasty "SAGE GROUSE"

Steven Grasty on a committee for "Sage Grouse"

Judge Steven Grasty, Cliff Bentz, Kate Brown: More on the Sage-Grouse - Association of Oregon Counties

Kate Brown "Sage Grouse"

Judge Steven E Grasty: Board of Committee Sage Grouse and other SEACT minutes 092214.docx

Cliff Bentz and Steven E Grasty AID and ABET in the passage of HB 3334 "SAGE GROUSE".


This is THEFT upon the tax Payers by the Environmentalists, we are being DEFRAUDED out of $60,000 for blocking motorized juniper removal because of the SAGE GROUSE - Oregon - Capital Press

God Bless our Republic

Additional Links that connect the Clinton Foundation, Podesta Group, Uranium One, etc.


Notice of Intent to Amend Land Use Plans Regarding Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation and Prepare Associated Environmental Impact Statements or Environmental Assessments

Contact Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to comment and stop the wrongful taking of our land justified by trumped up environmental concerns.

The following is a list of BLM contacts and the BLM offices where documents may be examined:

Jeremiah Karuzas
telephone: 916-978-4644
2800 Cottage Way
Sacramento, CA 95825

Bridget Clayton
telephone: 970-244-3045
2815 H Road
Grand Junction, CO 81506

Ammon Wilhelm
telephone: 208-373-3824
1387 S Vinnell Way
Boise, ID 83708

Matt Magaletti
telephone: 775-861-6472
1340 Financial Blvd.
Reno, NV 89502

John Carlson
telephone: 406-896-5024
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, MT 59101

Molly Anthony
telephone: 503-808-6052
1220 South West 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97204

Quincy Bahr
telephone: 801-539-4122
440 West 200 South Suite 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Erica Husse
telephone: 307-775-6318
5353 Yellowstone Road
Cheyenne, WY 82009