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In January 2009, I created this blog to expose unreported news stories that were being censored purposely from the general public in order to craft not inform public opinion. We must all seek the truth in all things and reject the lies being fed to us over the airways of the mainstream corporate owned media.

The truth is we are all Blessed with the gift of free will to either choose good or evil, love or hate, forgiveness or un-forgiveness, by worshipping at the alter of either Jesus or the enemy.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Finding the Unreported News

Since every source from our great President to our own common sense tells us that the so called "mainstream media" news is all fake news, how do we learn the unvarnished, black and white, verifiable truth?

The following are some questions you should ask yourself about anyone purporting to report the true facts.

A Question of Truth

  1. History of the person or news reporting group?
  2. Have they been reporting the news for long and if so has their news stood the test of time as being true?
  3. What is their profit motive for delivering you their facts?
  4. Are they led by their faith in Jesus Christ to uncover the truth and share it with the world?
  5. Who in the truth news reporting business does this source support?
  6. Has this site been censored through unsubscribing followers and freezing their view counts?
  7. Does the sources' previous news reports corroborate other news sources?
If the source you are reading or listening to has tested well then great but there are also key warning signs to be aware of like:

  1. Have they been posting for less than a year, yet have massive numbers of followers?
  2. Does the news source trash other reporters who's news has a good track record of being correct?
  3. Does the news source spend most of the show selling products and acting in an overtly dramatic fashion constantly playing the victim?
  4. Does the source build audience by being banned/taken down only to be returned quickly possibly under a different brand?
  5. Was the source ever passionately an anti-Trump/Never Trump person?

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Anarchy Began When Portland Condoned the Destruction of Schumacher Furs in 2007

I recently reconnected with Gregg Schumacher owner of Schumacher's Furs USA, formerly in downtown Portland, Oregon. He came across this video that I uploaded to YouTube when I saw the current state of chaos in Portland. 

Back in 2007, when I was hosting my LIVE "What's Between Us?" G rated relationship show I heard about the harassment Gregg's family was suffering under, so I decided to devote my public access cable show to discussing this issue.

As you can see this was terrorism plain and simple aided and abetted by the crooked leaders of the city of Portland. We all would hope that those we elect to serve us at all levels of government will actually be serving our needs, not just the needs of their wealthy donors, sadly this has not been the case in Portland going back at least a decade if not longer.

After being forced out of his family's 112 year old Portland business, Gregg Schumacher founded SARE Solutions, to shed light on the lies being sold to animal lovers. These non-profit groups like Humane Society of the US/HSUS, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals/PeTA and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals/ASPCA are able to raise massive amounts of money to fund more protests and terror attacks, just like the one that put Schumacher Furs out of business. Tragically, only a small fraction of their donations are ever used to help or care for the animals they purport to assist.  

"Animal rights groups are revenue generating organizations that use a small portion of their funding to care for animals; for example, the HSUS used one half of one percent  to care for animals.  Most of their revenue stream goes to executive salaries, pensions, fund-raising, and legal fees."-https://www.Sare.Solutions/extremists

If you would like to truly support the humane treatment of animals and help stop these terrorists who play on our emotions to extort donations in the name of helping animals, please contact SARE Solutions today to see how you can help our precious animals. 

SARE  Solutions
1899 L Street NW
Fourth Floor
Washington DC 20036

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

No Proof of Election Rigging Unless Democrats Were Allowed to Rig

Exposing the Rigged Electronic Voting Machines

Before the November 6th Midterm Election, I endeavored to gather proof that my own Johnson County, Kansas (KC area) precinct had been rigged by simply counting the potentially altered electronic results tabulated within each ES and S voting machine, by submitting a Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) request to Johnson County Elections for copies of all Republican paper ballots from the August 2018 Primary. Since my request was denied for specious reasons citing Kansas law preventing Election workers from revealing any voter's votes, which does not apply to my request since I was asking for copies of all the paper ballots cast by all registered Republicans who cast votes in my precinct during the August 2018 Primary, therefore the election workers were not divulging the voter intent of any identifiable voter, hence not a violation of their duties to protect the privacy of all voters.

Because of this obvious ploy to dodge their responsibilities under the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) which is much like a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, I contacted Bryan Caskey who is the Elections Director of Kansas. He was very confrontational, defensive, arrogant   and dismissive supplying me with no real answers as to why I could not simply acquire copies the 127 paper ballots cast by Republicans in my precinct.

Next on the night of the November 6th Midterms, I attended the official JO County GOP watch party at the Double Tree Inn in Overland Park, Kansas where I informed one of our Congressman Kevin Yoder's team members that Kevin should consider asking for at least a Johnson County recount of the paper ballots to ensure that his defeat was not engineered through the new ES and S voting machines. The young man I spoke with just gave me lip service and likely never even considered passing along my advice to Congressman Yoder. But the interesting part was that Kevin Yoder's team and Kevin himself seemed almost giddy prior to taking the stage to concede his defeat of a Congressional seat he had held for many years.

Then despite multiple efforts to inform Kris Kobach through email and several attempts to contact him through the Secretary of State's office, he never responded to me. As you can see, I marched in 2014 parades with Kris and his lovely family and even helped spread his tweets to encourage people to re-elect him to the office of Secretary of State, so he definitely knows who I am.


I believe that due to the events outlined above leading up to the Midterms, that our great Secretary of State and who should be our new Governor of Kansas, Kris Kobach, strategically planned to use the new ES and S voting machines to gather evidence against the fraudsters. By allowing those who have been rigging our elections for years to believe that they were successful in rigging the Democrat victories in both the 3rd Congressional District and the Governor's race in our super Republican state of Kansas, all the while knowing that the proof of their fraud would be easily proven by simply cross checking the results of the electronically rigged official results with those cast and confirmed by each individual voter on their paper ballots which were not and are not planned to be counted for any election in 2018. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Why Interrupt Crooks As They Are Proving Their Guilt

We Needed to Win Big To Expose and Overcome the Election Rigging System

We must insist our county elections count our paper ballots to confirm the people who we voted for were indeed given our votes and not changed inside potentially rigged electronic voting machines.

Monday, October 29, 2018

President Trump Simply Must Grant Permanent Exemptions from the Endangered Species Act

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October 25, 2018

Secretary Ryan Zinke 
Department of the Interior 
1849 C Street, N.W. 
Washington, DC 20240

Secretary Rick Perry 
Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave., S.W. 

Washington, DC 20585

Chair (Nominee) Mary Neumayr 
Council on Environmental Quality 
730 Jackson Place, N.W. 
Washington, DC 20503

Secretary Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. 
U.S. Department of Commerce 
1401 Constitution Ave., N.W. 
Washington, DC 20230

Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper 
101 Army Pentagon 
Washington, DC 20310-0101

Re: Effective Reform of Western Water Project Operations

Dear Sirs and Madam:

Last week’s Presidential Memorandum on Promoting the Reliable Supply and Delivery of Water in the West misconceives the problems faced by the Administration, but provides an opportunity to make real advancements in the Administration’s agenda. The problem is not, as the Memorandum claims, that “fragmented regulation of water infrastructure will continue to produce inefficiencies, unnecessary burdens, and conflict among the Federal Government, States, tribes, and local public agencies that deliver water to their citizenry."

The problem is that a radical subgroup of “conservation scientists” has misused the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to cripple the operation of water projects all over the West, diverting water from real beneficial uses to utter waste imagined to benefit listed species. Each of the projects identified in the Presidential Memorandum has been snarled in decades of ESA litigation, a cancer destroying communities that rely upon the reliable supply and delivery of water and other benefits from Western water projects.

We are well past the point where the scientific process can be reformed. In California litigation over the delta smelt, a federal judge excoriated the testimony of federal fish scientistsas “not science,” “that of a zealot” and “incredible”. In the Klamath Basin litigation, the National Academy of Science had to be brought in to refute claims that water levels had to be raised to help endangered suckerfish by pointing out that the fish die-offs were worst when the levels were highest. In the ongoing litigation over Columbia River dams, where billions in dam improvements have probably made fish survival higher than in natural rivers, conservation scientists claim that only dam removal can assure the survival of listed salmon.

If you merely implement those parts of the President Memorandum calling for“environmental compliance requirements [to be] completed as expeditiously as possible, and in accordance with applicable law,” you will merely accelerate this War on the West. Each new generation of biological opinion further undermines the benefits of Western water projects, under an overzealous “precautionary principle” insisting that any attempt to store and allocate water for human use interferes with natural processes and must be abandoned in favor of natural water flows and undammed rivers. In substance, conservation scientists argue that the very existence of Western water projects jeopardizes the continued existence of listed species.

Acceptance of this premise is, however, entirely consistent with the only effective Executive action that can promote water supplies and other benefits of federal infrastructure in the West: granting permanent exemptions from the ESA, ending the decades of litigation and waste. The ESA provides that where operating projects “is in the public interest and is of national or regional significance,” the Administration can issue a permanent exemption from ESA compliance for project operations found to jeopardize the continued existence of listed species.

The decision is made by the Endangered Species Committee, and you are all members of this Committee, with the Secretary of Interior as Chair. The ESA exemption statute and its implementing rules provide an easy, effective and speedy means for you, acting as a Committee (with additional state appointees), to cut the Gordian Knot of ESA regulation crippling Western water supplies.

We therefore call upon you to expand the Presidential Memorandum’s command to “appropriately suspend, revise, or rescind any regulations or procedures that unduly burden . . .project[s] beyond the degree necessary to protect the public interest” by directing your agencies to implement the ESA’s exemption process for all of the Western water projects addressed in the Memorandum.

The Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association has already provided a draft application for ESA exemption to the Secretary of Interior with respect to the Federal Columbia River Power System. Such plans can be easily be developed and implemented for the other projects as well, even within the thirty days provided in the Memorandum.


James L. Buchal

Copies to:

Nicholas D. Pottebaum, Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, The White House 
Scott Cameron, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Department of Interior
Todd Wynn, Director of Intergovernmental and External Affairs, Department of Interior 

Timothy Petty, Assistant Secretary for Water Policy and Science, Department of Interior 
Susan Combs, Acting Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget, Department of Interior
Karen Budd Falen, Deputy Solicitor, Department of Interior
Jeffrey Clark, Assistant Attorney General, Environmental & Natural Resources Division 

Doug Little, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Intergovernmental and External Affairs, Department of Energy
Dan James, Deputy Administrator, Bonneville Power Administration
R.D. James, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works
Aaron Dorf, Commander, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District
Dave Mabe, Deputy Regional Director, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Dr. Darryll Olsen, Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association
Kristin Meira, Pacific Northwest Waterways Association
Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance
Richard Marshall, Siskiyou County Water Users Association
Scott Corwin, Public Power Council Westlands Water District Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Damien Schiff, Pacific Legal Foundation