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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Where Have All the YT Truth Tellers Gone?


I know you have not yet been censored by "Big Brother" G/YT so maybe you don't really care if other citizen journalists are being silenced by a monopoly conglomerate determined to maintain control of the facts and fiction being fed daily to unenlightened masses through their puppet news organizations.

  • First they came for the conspiracy journalists, but I did not care because I don't believe in conspiracies.
  • Then they came for the conservative journalists, but I did not care because I am not a conservative. 
  • Then they came for anyone who reported the truth, but I did not care because I believe the news networks and mainstream journals. 
  • Then they came for me when I realized all the corporate controlled news media was completely fake; lying about what was actually happening all around me and I had no one to help me because they had all been silenced long ago. 

Harassment and cyberbullying policy

We want you to use YouTube without fear of being subjected to malicious harassment. In cases where harassment crosses the line into a malicious attack it can be reported and will be removed. In other cases, users may be mildly annoying or petty and should simply be ignored.
Harassment may include :
  • Abusive videos, comments, messages
  • Revealing someone’s personal information, including sensitive personally identifiable information such as social security numbers, passport numbers, or bank account numbers.
  • Maliciously recording someone without their consent
  • Deliberately posting content in order to humiliate someone
  • Making hurtful and negative comments/videos about another person
  • Unwanted sexualization, which encompasses sexual harassment or sexual bullying in any form
  • Incitement to harass other users or creators
Tips and advice :
  • Pause before you post: Think seriously about how you may be perceived online and do not post anything that may compromise your reputation or safety.
  • Speak up: Tell friends to stop cyberbullying and voice your opinion against cyberbullying when you see it on the site.
  • Tell an adult if you remain concerned about another’s actions towards you online.
  • Try deleting comments and blocking the user if another user is bothering you, so they can't leave more comments. You can also turn comments off for any video or manage comments by requiring pre-approval before they get posted.
  • Respect people’s opinions online but know when it crosses the line. We want YouTube to be a dynamic and expressive platform but we do not want users to feel intimidated or threatened.
  • Report harassing users and content via YouTube’s reporting tool.
To learn about tools available to you to help you manage your experience on the site, especially abusive users, please visit our Privacy and safety settings page.
Sometimes criticism and insults can escalate into more serious forms of harassment and cyberbullying. If specific threats are made against you and you feel unsafe, tell a trusted adult and report it to your local law enforcement agency.

Most of the channels that have been taken off of U (tube) have been completely removed pulled down with all their videos. I just noticed that even more of my favorite alternative news channels are still up but are no longer allowed to upload their videos. You can see that many of the reporters have a history of working hard to upload several videos a day before they were "shadow banned" by G/YT allowing you to still watch their old videos, but not allowing them to upload new ones.

Years of work stolen by the G speech police, because they dared to report the ugly truth behind the false news reports created and disseminated not to inform us, but rather to craft our opinions to support their agenda. Q anon researchers have found that the mainstream news media gets their talking points sent to them very early each and every morning to ensure uniformaty of their message. This is why you will see TV journalists parroting the exact same phrases across the airwaves, when reporting the same propaganda.  

They obviously need a compliant citizenry ready to: 

 gay marriage, all sexual preferences, other than their own God given gender, abortion on demand, gun control, carbon taxes, pagan gods and Lucifer, one world religion, currency and governing organization.

traditional marriage between a man and a woman, men and women loving each other, faith in our holy Father and his only son Jesus, individual liberty, pursuit of happiness, protecting the lives of our unborn babies and traditional families. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Snowden is Definately a Black Hat!

Like many of you, I too enjoyed watching the movie "Snowden" which glamorizes the courageous efforts that NSA whistle blower, Edward Snowden, went to in order to expose the illegal un-Constitutional NSA electronic surveillance of each and everyone of us, at all times, using a wide variety of our electronic devices. At first glance, Mr. Snowden seemed to be a champion of our civil rights and a strong supporter of our 4th Amendment which reads:

4th Amendment written in 1789 but revised in 1992
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

After much research it appears that in actuality Edward Snowden may quite possibly be an agent of chaos. Mr. Snowden's true motive for releasing this intel in 2013 may not have actually made him a fugitive from the long arm of the Obama Justice Department, but rather a spy to draw out other whistle blowers like Julian Assange. 

The fact that the Obama Administration prosecuted more whistle blowers than any previous President, reminds us how important it was for them, that all their employees remain quiet. Yet Edward Snowden was apparently allowed to flee the country and wind up Russia of all places. Despite being despised, by his fellow NSA colleagues, Edward Snowden was able to manage negotiating a big movie deal to portray himself as sympathetic champion of individual liberty and become a celebrity of sorts as he Skypes into packed live liberal forums. 

I know how hard it must have been for this young man to get a movie made about himself as a wanted person, so I assumed someone in the deep state must have a very good reason to order a movie be made about his escape from the US to Russia in order to prop up Mr. Snowden's antiestablishment story to the masses. 

Whether or not he was turned by the Russians or was always a bad guy, we may never know. But I can now say confidently that Edward Snowden is indeed a Lefty of the first order. Just listen to this:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

All Computers Can Be Hacked So Why Do We Vote by Computers?

All Computers can be hacked so why are we trusting our precious vote to computers? Kansas has been using easy to hack computers for 10 years since Fox News exposed our Diebold machines yet the state refuses to replace them. We must go paper only on Election Day with bipartisan poll workers counting paper ballots then reporting to county Elections. EAC was ordered shut down in Feb 2017, yet they are still up and running prepared to rig the memory cards for all states like Kansas still using the hack friendly machines initially designed by Chuck Hagel founded ES&S out of Omaha, Nebraska.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Proof the Press is Propaganda- How to Find Trustworthy News

As you can see Hillary Clinton had the press eating & drinking out of her hand, quite literally. It is no wonder the mainstream media was crying in their Cheerios, when they were finally forced to recognize LIVE on TV that their worst fears had been realized, Donald J. Trump would indeed be our next President. 

Despite the constant onslaught of negatively, slanted stories seen night after night and read day after day, none of it was enough to inspire a majority of Americans living across the country to elect a mean, unpleasant elitist woman with ZERO personality to lead our country. The press even rigged the polls to encourage people to vote with who they reported was the majority, but they LIED and continue to LIE every day since that fateful night. 

We can no longer flip on the TV to catch the honest news, we can no longer trust a word these yellow journalists report, so where do we learn what is really happening?  As the largest EVER scandal unfolds around us we must seek our news from reliable citizen journalists and what is known in the business as alternative news sites. Yes that means following blogs, twitter and youtube channels like mine. 

This extra effort actually ads to excitement of learning. As we seek the truth, we get the feeling we are living out a real life political thriller, with unexpected twists and turns developing each day. 

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Please Support My Censored YouTube Channel

Please check out some of my videos on my channels because You Tube has given me until February 20th to either get 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers or lose my Advertising privileges. This will be next to impossible unless you can help me out by watching, liking and commenting with the number of views listed and the date you watched the video. 

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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Memo Exposes the Corruption of Obama's Dept. of Justice and FBI

Proof Democrats are guilty of hiring an anti-Trump British spy to fabricate, make up, author a fictional spy document alleging what was passed off as legitimate intelligence to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Donald Trump's campaign. This work of fiction was backed up by the propaganda site BuzzFeed which refers to another Leftwing propaganda site Mother Jones from October of 2016.

Follow the link below to read this declassified memo from the Congressional Intelligence Committee for yourself.

Do not rely on "Fake Media" organizations to tell you the truth about anything, especially when these yellow journalists are in the business of crafting public opinion, not informing public opinion. All you have to do is watch how these so called journalists scream like stuck pigs when confronted with evidence that once again our duly elected President Donald J. Trump was right.