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In January 2009, I created this blog to expose unreported news stories that were being censored purposely from the general public in order to craft not inform public opinion. We must all seek the truth in all things and reject the lies being fed to us over the airways of the mainstream corporate owned media.

The truth is we are all Blessed with the gift of free will to either choose good or evil, love or hate, forgiveness or un-forgiveness, by worshipping at the alter of either Jesus or the enemy.

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Vote by Fraud News Updates

President Trump is Strengthening the Security of Our Elections 

November 6, 2018

Their last ditch effort to restore the criminals to power by attempting to rig both red and blue states, the question is will it work?

Have I moved from one rigged state to another?


The Rigging of Roy May Be a Blessing

If ever an election demanded to be recounted and investigated it would be the apparent defeat of a firebrand Christian conservative in one of America's most Christian conservative states. The idea that a died in the wool pro-abortion, high taxes, open borders Democrat would defeat a champion of Christian values like judge like Roy Moore is laughable. 

As usual the crooked deep state RINOs & Left have once again overplayed their hand, they should have stuck to rigging the less obvious states, where people just naturally assume they are the only closet conservative in their state, but by rigging the election in this state with this candidate, they have risked exposure of their entire vote rigging scheme as I reveal in this 2 part video.

When you think about it the best way for God to expose the deep state election rigging scheme would be to recount this election and expose the fraud so that we may finally follow Ireland's lead and outlaw electronic voting machines. We all know that all computers can be hacked, so why are we trusting our precious votes to computers. 

  • We simply place equal number of D & R teams of precinct workers at each site to tally their precincts paper ballots and transport these ballots to their county Elections office.
  • Require proof of citizenship for each and everyone who wishes to register to vote.
  • Outlaw early voting & vote by mail except for those with evidence showing that they will be out of town during the Election.
  • When voters arrive to vote they must show picture ID
  • As a backup set up a website that would allow those who wish to verify they voted and for whom could place their 1st initial last name and zip code which could then be compared with their precinct vote tally. 

Post Election Analysis
How Donald J. Trump Defeated the Clinton Machine

Hillary R. Clinton
  • Unpleasant
  • Evil
  • Narcissistic 
  • Entitled
  • Corrupt
  • Ill

Donald J. Trump
  • Not a politician
  • Not a Clinton or a Bush
  • Genuine 
  • Kind
  • Altruistic
  • Honest motive
  • Make America Great Again
Hillary Clinton and her backers/puppet masters had been conspiring to empower this woman to the position of the leader of the so called free world for decades. All the people and organizations were in place to ensure that outcome.

Voter rolls in the largest urban counties in the country were replete with ineligible, fictitious, deceased and relocated registered entities. 

Chuck Hagel devised ES&S hack friendly voting machines were dispersed all across the country as a safeguard to ensure either the individual voting machines or the tally machine would deliver the requisite number of votes needed to ensure Hillary won every large urban county in the country.


Either the 2005 appointed former Johnson County Elections commissioner, Brian Newby was ignorant of the ease by which his election machines could be hacked or he was using this feature to retain his position through appointments from both Democrat and Republican administrations. After the national volunteer Election Assistance Commission was reconstituted, Brian D. Newby was appointed in November 2015 to a four year term as Executive Director for the U.S. Election Assistance Commission set to manage EAC's $9.6 million budget. Despite Mr. Newby's laudable April 2016 attempt to ensure that only verified US citizens be allowed to vote in our federal elections, his refusal to replace known to be corrupt voting machines in Johnson county cannot be ignored. The foundation of our Republic relies on the premise of honest and fair elections. 

2016 EAC Set Up to Facilitates Election Machine Hacking

Less than two days after Donald J. Trump assumed office the House Administrative Committee voted along party lines to close the EAC, yet as you can see on their website they are barreling forward as though EAC is still a viable entity, issuing guidelines to county elections offices around the country. This Commission received and certified all the AccuVote-TS memory cards before each of the 2016 elections in Johnson county, Kansas.* 

Yes the same memory cards that were so easily hacked in the 2006 video above. 

Despite using 15 year old flawed voting machines in the state of Kansas' most affluent and populated Johnson county, the current Elections Commissioner, Ronnie Metsker is still relying on the now defunct EAC to instruct him as to which if any new machines he should use to replace the AccuVote-TS. 

I moved to Johnson county, Kansas from Washington county, Oregon where dogs, cats, long dead relatives, under aged children, illegal aliens, cartoon characters and the relocated determine the winners of every election, because I was under the impression my vote would actually go towards determining the winners fairly along with other adult US citizen residents of my county who only vote once from their true place residence. 

Sadly after researching the 2016 Primary and General Election, where I personally witnessed collusion between the local TV stations and rigged Primary winners and then saw the most conservative KC area county narrowly elect Donald J. Trump by a slim 2+% margin while next door Wyandotte county delivered Hillary a whopping 30% victory, I now fear for the sanctity of our vote here in Johnson county and across the country. 

Hillary's assured victory was trumped by those patriots she and her team neglected to court or to rig. Yes, America owes the victory of Donald J. Trump and his mandate to make America great again, entirely to the good people in the less populated rural counties around the country. In the end, the fear of 4 more years of Leftist tyranny under Hillary Clinton coupled with the honest straight talking inspiration of Donald Trump motivated voters from the hinterlands to turn out in droves, which overwhelmed the rigging systems in the urban areas.  

God's speed to Vice-President Pence as he investigates this attack on our republic. 

*9/16 Johnson County Elections spokesperson informed me of their policy of sending all memory cards to DC's EAC for certification prior to both the 2016 Primary and General Elections.

Trump Voter Integrity Instructions
Must Show Proof You Voted for "The Donald"

Voting Safeguards
  1. Wear a red shirt of whatever style you wish but do not wear a t-shirt or button with any candidate's name on it.
  2. Bring your cell phone to the voting machine/booth and when you press the button for Donald video record the action of you touching the screen until you are presented with the summary of your votes page, then change your phone to take a still picture of that screen. 
  3. If a Trump exit polling person is situated outside your polling place please inform them of your Trump vote and offer to testify as to your vote, if need be. 
Post Election Challenge Plan

If the Establishment fraudulently gives the Election to Hillary in your county, please send your video verification of your vote to or call the campaign at 646-736-1779 and be prepared to swear on an affidavit that you did indeed vote for Donald J. Trump. The proof of their fraud can be exposed by showing that their precinct results are provably incorrect compared with the testimony of actual voters who are shown to have actually voted at those precincts. 

2012 Romney Missed Opportunity or Planned Deception

Had Mitt Romney sent a team to do a post Election poll of all those who had voted in the PA precincts, where results showed BO earned 100% of the votes, he might have exposed the fraud. Perhaps then our country would not have had to endure 4 more years of BO. 

During the lead up to the 2012 Presidential Election, I submitted some of my research to one of Romney's campaign managers, I was told by the person who connected me to this campaign manager that I was "crazy." Tragically based on Mitt Romney's actions then & now, they may have actually been in on the Establishment/RINO/One world government cabal. I pray that is not the case, I will reserve judgement as of course, only the Lord knows the true intent of our hearts, however, I will note the following:
    • Funny how Romney lost for the very reason I asked to be added to his campaign. 
    • Funny how Romney has maintained his refusal to back Donald J. Trump. 


Open Letter to Donald J. Trump & His Supporters
I have been investigating Election fraud since 2000, interviewing county clerks, running recounts, managing 10 Federal campaigns. Finally in 2012 using the evidence I uncovered I sued then Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown (current Gov Brown) using my client 2012 Oregon GOP AG nominee & Yale Law grad, James Buchal, as my attorney. Before a packed courtroom, James Buchal did an admirable job fighting a day long case against 3 attorney's from his political opponent's justice department. 

The goal was to simply require the SOS to begin following Oregon State Law which at the time required all left over unused blank ballots be destroyed promptly at 8p after the Election was over. The news media ignored our case and the crooked judge of course sided with Kate Brown essentially saying that the SOS rules trump laws enacted by our duly elected state legislature. Now I believe the State legislature allows the county Elections to use these left over ballots to ensure they have the requisite ballots necessary to prove their fraudulent Democrat Party victory results. 

The following are my suggestions, but I must implore you NOT to concede the race if crooked Hillary is reported to have won the Election. You must demand an immediate hand recount of all metropolitan area counties that report you lost. From my investigation the Democrats only go to the trouble of rigging the cities, but not the rural areas, because if they win the cities, then they generally win the state. 

Create A WebSite-Back Up The Vote 

Begin advertising to your voters and speaking about it in your speeches to ask those who have voted either early or after they return from their polling place on November 8th to go to a Back Up The Vote site to place their 1st initial, last name & zip code to cross check the official tally of the votes. Now of course not nearly all of your voters will likely do this but when the precinct breakdowns come in showing as they did with BO in '12 that 100% voted for him in certain battleground precincts and often with more voters than were registered to vote in those precincts then you will have evidence to prove the tally was incorrectly tabulated, by going back to those who registered their support on your website. 

1. Pre-Election Back Up the Vote Poll
Now your campaign could ask those who plan to vote for you to weigh in early as well on a poll page. This way they would become familiar with the process and help dispel the rumors of your electoral demise.   

2. Proud Trump Supporters Should Wear Red Shirts to the polls
Voters should take pictures of the red clad voters in line and post them on a Trump Election Day photo page with the address of the precinct location where their photo was taken.

3. Right NOW Demand the ballot printing orders & invoices for all large metropolitan county Election offices to apprehend ballot box stuffers
As you can see from my Part 2 Election Fraud Documentary WA county Oregon Elections ordered 46k more ballots be printed than they had registered voters at the time of the '12 Election. Yet the crooked printer Ryder Graphics still wanted to be paid for the creation of the extra 22k ballots above what was ordered but which were needed to fix the Election results. So they billed WA County Elections for 68k more ballots than the county had registered voters and they did that on the 1st day of 2013, so as not to have to report it as a 2012 expenditure, despite having printed and provided the ballots for the previous year during the 2012 Election.  

4. Write-In Tell 
When an unopposed Democrat is on the ballot encourage each state to write-in the name of their Primary opponent or previous election GOP opponent. If there are more write-in ballots cast for someone other than the candidate on the ballot, then the county Elections office would be forced to retain and hand count all the ballots in that race's district so for instance in CA there are 2 Democrats running against each other for Barbara Boxer's Senate seat so that could force the entire state to hand count all the ballots. As with all successful marketing strategies you want to disrupt their system and this is a way to do it.

5. Challenging/Contesting the eligibility of registered voters
There are laws on the books of most if not all states allowing voters to contest the eligibility/identity of another voter, they know not to be eligible to vote from either the address they are registered to vote at or because they know them not to be of age and a US citizen human residing in the jurisdiction they are registered to vote in. You could cross check suspicious addresses where more than 3 people are registered to vote, jury duty records of individuals who had claimed not to be eligible to serve because they were not US citizens and the Real ID employment checking data base. Then have a Trump supporter from that state file objections to the registrations of those individuals you find. That individual would be guilty of a felony if they fraudulently registered to vote. You would not have to find too many to be prosecuted in order to discourage other paid voters from trying to steal the election using various false identities. 

Lisa Michaels

List of numbers to reporting any cases of voter fraud and intimidation in all 50 States are listed below.  
Alabama 334-242-7210
Alaska 907-465-4611
Arizona 602-542-8683
Arkansas 501-682-5070
California 916 657-2166
Colorado 303-894-2200
Connecticut 860-509-6100
Delaware 302-739-4277
Florida 877-868-3737
Georgia 877-725-9797
Hawaii 808-453-8683
Idaho 208-334-2852
Illinois 217-782-4141
Indiana 317-232-6531
Iowa 888-767-8683
Kansas 785-296-4561
Kentucky 502-564-3490
Louisiana 225-922-0900
Maine 207-624-7736
Maryland 410-269-2840
Massachusetts 617-727-7030
Michigan 888-767-6424
Minnesota 877-600-8683
Mississippi 601-576-2550
Missouri 573-751-2301
Montana 406-444-3976
Nebraska 402-471-2555
Nevada 775-684-5705
New Hampshire 603-271-3242
New Jersey 609-292-3760
New Mexico 505-827-3600
New York 518-473-5086
North Carolina 919-733-7173
North Dakota 701-328-4146
Ohio 614-466-2585
Oklahoma 405-521-6457
Oregon 503-986-1518
Pennsylvania 717-787-5280
Rhode Island 401-222-2345
South Carolina 803-734-9060
South Dakota 605-773-3537
Tennessee 615-741-7956
Texas 512-463-5650
Utah 801-538-1041
Vermont 800-439-8683
Virginia 804-864-8901
Washington 360-902-4151
Washington DC 202-727-2525
West Virginia 304-558-6000
Wisconsin 608-261-2028
Wyoming 307-777-5860

VI. Conclusion
The attorneys who have submitted this report do so because this information came to their attention in connection with the recent general election in Ohio. This information raises serious concerns that this Committee and U.S. Congress should consider when reforming election legislation. The facts reported in this review of the Ohio general election suggest a pattern of coordinated activities by so called “non-partisan” organizations that were intended to affecting the outcome of the 2004 Presidential election. The actions of these groups cannot be understated and must not be overlooked. The large number of fraudulent voter registrations that flooded local election officials combined with a litigation strategy seeking to eliminate the safeguards against vote fraud threatens to undermine the public confidence in the election process.
While the election is over, the effects of these efforts linger. Prosecutions and investigations are still ongoing. Election-related lawsuits brought by voters who were intimidated, mislead and deceived continue. Election authorities are left with the mountainous task of determining who on their voter registration rolls is a legitimate voter, and who is not. This task is made even more significant as Ohio prepares to transition to a single state-wide voter roll of the 2006 election as is mandated by HAVA.
Ohio continues to welcome the historic number of new voters to the election process and all who submitted this report want to assure that every eligible citizen has ready access to participate in the election process. At the same time, illegal manipulation of the voting process must be deterred. Every election for public office – whether for the local school board, the state legislature, or President of the United States – should be motivating, spirited, and above all, fair. And every legitimate Ohio voter should have the opportunity to cast his ballot without fear that “Jive Turkey” is waiting in line behind him to effectively cancel out his vote.
As the United States Supreme Court stated, “free and honest elections are the very foundation of our republican form of government. Hence any attempt to defile the sanctity of the ballot cannot be viewed with equanimity." Those who would work counter to this principle should be held to account and appropriate safeguards should be adopted to protect the votes of all citizens.

Part 1

Part 2


Vote by Fraud Exposed Part 1

Vote by Fraud Exposed Part 2


                            Rigging Role of EAC

One month after the Democrats lost control of the Senate in 2014, before the Republicans regained control, Democrats using their new anti-filibuster rule reconstituted EAC, a dinosaur commission from 2003, which I suggest can be used as a trojan horse  to help ensure their return to power. 

In 2013 House Republicans put forth legislation to eliminate this wasteful commission. They were on to the HAVA contrived Election Assistance Commission which is a Federal commission ostensibly designed to offer voluntary Federal oversight advise and certification of state & county Election procedures and equipment. Republicans had filibustered the appointments of the new commissioners for years, but when the Democrats changed the Senate rules and pushed through their EAC Commissioners, this agency was resuscitated and now only has 3 Commissioners giving them a quorum. while failing to ensure that as their charter mandates, they seat 2 Democrat and 2 Republican Commissioners. 

From my research, only Commissioner Hicks appears to have been clearly identified as a Democrat as he was appointed by President Obama. For all we know the other two may side with the Democrats as well. What qualifies a Republican Commissioner to assume the position of a Republican? How long would they have had to have been a registered Republican? Would they have had to have previously held a position in the Republican Party to ensure that they are indeed a Republican? Nothing seems clear, except that the lame duck 2014 Democratic controlled US Senate appointed a quorum of just 3 Commissioners not the requisite 4 Commissioners. Why?

(Read "The Art of Winning Against the BIG FIX" to lean more about the trojan horse EAC)


Donald Trump and Conservative Candidates BEWARE:

The only way the crooks controlling DC will be empowered to continue pillaging our country of our prosperity is if the Trump team fails to prevent the rigging of this November's Election.

Fighting Election Fraud

In 2012 my GOP Attorney General nominee/client, Harvard & Yale educated conservative attorney, James Buchal argued to a packed courtroom for a full day long Election integrity lawsuit against Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown (now interim Oregon Governor Kate Brown who replaced disgraced Governor John Kitzhaber). We used the mountain of evidence that Lisa Michaels compiled during the audit recount of Delia Lopez's 2010 CD3 Election, which was triggered when local TV news stations purposely misreported the Election night results attributing Lopez totals to Libertarian Lawrence so as not to alert Hispanics to the fact that their Lopez lost to Blumenauer. The primary justification for the lawsuit was to bar the SOS from once again defying an Oregon Election statute that required all county Election offices to destroy all left over unused ballots immediately once the polls closed. 

I have spent the last 15 years investigating systemic election fraud. Apparently I have hit pay dirt because the crooks at G owned YouTube have blocked addition of any new views to my 2012 documentaries on Election fraud.

See for yourself, pay attention to the exact number of views before you watch these videos on YouTube.

Part 1 Election Fraud Documentary

(4,217 views yet 16,501 likes/dislikes as of 8/2/16 3:30p at 11:45p 42 likes/dislikes)

Election Fraud Documentary Part 2

(Only 1,050 views yet 16,501 likes/dislikes as of 8/2/16 3:30pm at 11:45p just 11 likes/dislikes)

When my former political consulting client/'12 OR GOP AG nominee & '14 OR GOP CD3 nominee and Michaels v Brown Election integrity lawsuit attorney James Buchal & I spoke about the systemic Election fraud in Oregon G once again has blocked addition of new views.

(Only 138 views yet 16,501 likes/dislikes as of 8/2/16 3:30 at 11:45 3 likes/dislikes)

How does G explain the exact same number of likes + dislikes 16,501 for all 4 of my Election fraud videos yet combined they show just 5,405 views for all 4 videos?
ANSWER: These videos reveal the BIG ELECTION FIX

Once I uploaded this new page just over 8 hours later the number of likes/dislikes now looks more reasonable. Do not be fooled by MSM indoctrination through manipulation of news, do your own homework research issues question everything. We are being brainwashed into adopting their agenda. 

(Only 3,959 views yet 16,501 likes/dislikes as of 8/2/16 3:30p at 11:45 8 likes/dislikes)

I pray the good team working to help elect Donald J. Trump will consider hiring me to help prevent these crooks from winning with the BIG ELECTION FIX again!

How Elites Planned to Ensure Hillary's Return to the White House?

Back in the late '90s it appears all the pieces of the Election fixing process were being carefully positioned to ensure that a scandal ridden couple of crooked politicians would be able to fool the American people into re-electing them to sully the White House in order to ruin our faith based country once and for all.

Using all the major search engines, Hillary Clinton's geek cronies have apparently wiped the web of her long history of flouting the law throughout her career in "self-service." Just do a search for yourself to learn more about these "gate" scandals which were nicknamed after President Nixon's infamous Watergate burglary scandal that ultimately caused his resignation.
  1. Travel-gate
  2. File-gate
Or just try to find some information on the murder mystery of supposed suicide of Hillary's buddy Vince Foster. How about her wildly lucrative cattle futures scam or the Clinton White Water land swindle? If you are searching for a source that details her vast number of criminal missteps as 1st Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State, you will likely need to go to YouTube or Vimeo to get any real detail about her sordid past. 

After diligently following the corrupt Clinton years, this is what I strongly suspect is happening. Hillary was promised the White House by the evil elite, who have so successfully managed the downfall of our country's moral core and prosperity.

In order to elect an unlikeable, power hungry, criminal like Hillary, they had to have laid the ground work to fix election results while at the same time be able to effectively manipulate public opinion in her favor. Because Hillary lacks the ability to inspire organic support from her constituents, this took years to accomplish. Poor Bernie Sanders has been used as a pawn to make Hillary appear as though she can beat somebody (anybody even a Commie) and win the Presidency.

If they fix the election for Hillary, using the methods outlined in the following video, at the same time there is relatively no actual support for her candidacy, then the elite run the very real risk of being exposed.

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