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Saturday, June 11, 2016

How Elites Planned to Ensure Hillary's Return to the White House?

Back in the late '90s it appears all the pieces of the Election fixing process were being carefully positioned to ensure that a scandal ridden couple of crooked politicians would be able to fool the American people into re-electing them to sully the White House in order to ruin our faith based country once and for all.

Using all the major search engines, Hillary Clinton's geek cronies have apparently wiped the web of her long history of flouting the law throughout her career in "self-service." Just do a search for yourself to learn more about these "gate" scandals which were nicknamed after President Nixon's infamous Watergate burglary scandal that ultimately caused his resignation.
  1. Travel-gate
  2. File-gate
Or just try to find some information on the murder mystery of supposed suicide of Hillary's buddy Vince Foster. How about her wildly lucrative cattle futures scam or the Clinton White Water land swindle? If you are searching for a source that details her vast number of criminal missteps as 1st Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State, you will likely need to go to YouTube or Vimeo to get any real detail about her sordid past. 

After diligently following the corrupt Clinton years, this is what I strongly suspect is happening. Hillary was promised the White House by the evil elite, who have so successfully managed the downfall of our country's moral core and prosperity.

In order to elect an unlikeable, power hungry, criminal like Hillary, they had to have laid the ground work to fix election results while at the same time be able to effectively manipulate public opinion in her favor. Because Hillary lacks the ability to inspire organic support from her constituents, this took years to accomplish. Poor Bernie Sanders has been used as a pawn to make Hillary appear as though she can beat somebody (anybody even a Commie) and win the Presidency.

If they fix the election for Hillary, using the methods outlined in the following video, at the same time there is relatively no actual support for her candidacy, then the elite run the very real risk of being exposed. 

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