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Friday, January 30, 2009

Demise of the old fashion newspaper

"Death by a thousand liberal cuts" will certainly be carved on the tombstone of the soon to be insolvent newspaper industry. Up until the advent of the alternative media, including, news talk radio, 24-hour cable news networks and the Internet, the traditional local newspaper had a lock on the inquisitive community starving for news. Young people not steeped in the AM ritual of reading a cumbersome ink laden stack of finely printed news, are seeking their news through these alternatives. Most of the leftist propaganda printed in the daily newspapers is lazy NY Times regurgitated tripe so obviously bias towards the left that they no longer even seek to continue their charade of fairness. If the daily Newspapers want to remain in the business of buying ink by the barrel, then they must return to the business of honest fair and yes un-bias news reporting.

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