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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Understanding how the left fixes elections

From what I have observed as a poll watcher here in OR for the past 5 elections in this all vote by mail state, here is how I believe they are fixing the elections.

1.They seem to be finding identities to register absentee ballot, by tapping into the files of the unregistered DMV drivers, people who have moved, illegal aliens, dearly departed, members of the pet community, our under aged children and fictitious characters. It is important to note that they cannot fix the vote if they are forced to vote more illegitimate votes than there are adults living in the community. This is why Obama needed to gain control of the Census. This is why Obama wants to continue to encourage and support illegal aliens. The individuals who are being paid to vote hundreds of times via absentee ballot have been primarily Public Service Union, ACORN and NAACP members as has been proven by several indictments of members from these groups. You may say well how do they do this when the ballots have to be sent to so many different residences. No there is a place on the registration asking if you would like your ballot sent to a second mailing address where one could conceivably pick up the many mailed absentee ballots prior to the election.

2. Once these ballots are sent in the Democrats have successfully instituted their liberal Secretaries of State in to the majority of our states. Why does this matter? Well this allows for a willing elected executive to select the corrupt data base management firm and voting machine to ensure that Democrats win and liberal causes are advanced. Just look at how the liberal S.O.S is handling the mess in the Minn. Senate race.

3. As you all must know, the liberal news media has delivered us this mess by failing to do their job and vet these crooks so that we would have an informed electorate. By following the radical game plan of isolating and destroying political enemies these socialists have effectively brainwashed our citizens into hating one side and blindly adoring the other side regardless of the true merits of either side.

We must fight them where they live with our best ammo. Since these felons are being paid to vote straight Democrat ticket we recruit highly intelligent rock solid free market conservative candidates to run against their leftists candidates in their primaries as Democrats. We accept the premise that we are now a one party system and work within their system to defeat them. The Republicans simply do not field a candidate against their conservative Democratic opponent but instead launch a whisper campaign for people to write-in the conservative Democrat. Once the conservative wins espousing his/her conservative agenda he/she would then be the candidate of record for both parties winning the general election in a walk. In order to fix the elections they get geared up for the general election vote straight Democratic ticket well if our candidate is the Democratic nominee then our candidate would win. Provided we are successful in fielding enough winning Democrat/Republican candidates across the country once in Congress we have them all announce that they are changing their party affiliation to Republican otherwise they work to stifle liberalism as a conservative Democrat.

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