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Friday, June 5, 2009

Pioneer Square Taxpayer Tea Party w/ Jeff Kropf

Good solid tax payers exercising their currently legal Constitutional right to free speech in downtown Portland, Oregon. From the belly of the liberal beast we showed up by the thousands across our very blue state to say "enough is enough!" to our government sponsored fast track to Socialism.


  1. I will not live in a Socialist/Communist America. We are losing it fast. It's time we march...

  2. We must spread the word via the internet and with our friends while we still can. I am convinced they have so fixed the elections that our representatives know that they are guaranteed to be re-elected so they do what Obama says instead of what we the people say. Too many of our fellow citizens are still not paying attention to the destruction of our country's rule of law and as a consequence the demolition of our private sector economy. Speak up do a free community access show, post a youtube video and blog blog blog.
    Lisa Michaels