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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Citizen Journalists gets assaulted

Former Governor Kitzhaber is just another liberal candidate running from Michael Strickland's well researched policy questions.

I first met Michael a couple of months ago at a volunteer meeting for Congressional candidate Delia Lopez. Like many young people Michael is now engaged in the political process after learning that he and his descendants will be paying the tab for this liberal big government spending for many years to come.

When Michael learned that Delia's opponent, Earl Blumenauer would be speaking to the Bus Project's paid canvassers on August 28th at Grant High School, he asked to borrow my camcorder to see if he could document this event as a citizen journalist. The preceding Friday night we stayed up late in my kitchen, going over his carefully researched questions before he headed back home with camcorder in hand. After the event, I edited and uploaded Michael's explosive video of incumbent Congressman Blumenauer calling the patriots marching in Washington that day "weasels."

In the mean time, we both have posted several other videos of liberal incumbents in the Portland area. In fact I joined Michael in Stayton at carefully choreographed Jeff Merkeley meeting, where Michael waited patiently in line with the other constituents to speak with the Senator but oddly enough just as it was his turn to speak one on one with Senator Merkeley his campaign aid informed him that he was no longer available.

We have seen a consistent theme with these big spending liberal incumbents, no access, no comment and definitely no accountability for the horrendously destructive votes they have cast on our behalf. This sort of elitist disregard for the welfare of we the people must be challenged, exposed and defeated at the ballot box this November.

Gone should be the days of voting for a candidate simply because they share your party affiliation, we must all do our homework and research the candidate's carefully just as Michael has done to ensure that we leave some semblance of prosperity for our next generations.

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