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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NY 's Special Election Proves a True Conservative will also win in Oregon's 1st

After speaking with my old friend and fellow conservative activist Jeff Kropf on his successful KUIK radio show I thought it would be a good idea to offer further details about my conservative activist past.
I began creating public access cable television documentaries and talk shows promoting conservative issues with my first show "Wisdom from the Right Side" in 1996 to help us understand who Bob Dole was by interviewing Oregonians who knew and had worked with him in the past.
Once I filed to run for my open State Representative seat in 2000 I introduced myself by creating many community cable shows for my candidacy and many other Republican candidates also running for office in 2000.
Soon after I lost that race I heard rumors about wives registering and voting under both their married and maiden names. Now if there is anything I do not like it is injustice and fraud so I decided back in 2000 to begin investigating voter integrity in our all "Vote by Mail" system. I have learned a great deal in the past 11 years about how I believe the liberals have successfully manipulated our voter registration sytem and the elections to reliably return their leadership to our state regardless of how we the people actually vote. It is for this reason among others that I believe I felt led to throw my name into this Special Election race to replace David Wu in Congress.
In the Beaverton, Aloha, Tigard, Hillsboro and Portland area I have been a regular fixture on Comcast and Frontier Fios with my G rated relationship talk show "What's Between Us?"(2005-2009) and my conservative honesty in Government show "Accountability"(2001 KUIK, 2002-2009). In 2010 I began doing my current show "Live with Lisa Michaels" which incorporates both G rated "Love Chat" and "Current Events" after opening with local talent from the Portland area. Tonight you may wish to join the conversation as we go LIVE between 7:30p-8:30p on channel 11/22 for our very last show from studio A in Beaverton's Arts and Communications Magnet Academy. Until the new TVCTV studio is completed in November or December I will begin streaming my show LIVE every Wednesday night between 8p-9p via Ustream and simulcast on Blogtalkradio (Live with Lisa) before re-broadcasting it on channel 21 on cable.
We must follow New York's lead and likewise elect for the first time in many years a rock solid conservative with a proven track record of conservative activism and I know that I am that candidate. Please support Lisa Michaels for Oregon 1st, I need your help as a volunteer and in order to get word out I would greatly appreciate a donation of any size.
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  1. I have an interest in David Wu's replacement and am currently educating myself on the candidates. I must say... after reading this, I can't get past the sentence run-ons and grammatical errors to even hear the content of what Lisa has to say. Is this seriously a college graduate? I hope whoever wins this race, regardless of what affiliation, has a clear and concise understanding of the English language and realizes that his/her written message is a direct reflection of himself/herself. I would be extremely apprehensive to vote for someone who is clearly not educated.