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The truth is we are all Blessed with the gift of free will to either choose good or evil, love or hate, forgiveness or un-forgiveness, by worshipping at the alter of either Jesus or the enemy.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Congress Created Dust Bowl

Please support my campaign to prevent BIG GOVERNMENT from rolling over our family businesses, family farms and our private property rights all in the name of junk environmental science. I was heart broken as I drove down to California on I5 last year, seeing the previously lush San Joaquin Valley degenerate into a barren wasteland of dried up crops, where there were signs saying "Congress Created Dust Bowl" attached to retired rusting farm equipment.

We must elect to Congress rock solid citizen conservatives to repatriate our Constitutional rights to our "Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness." You understand our country's prosperity is on life support we either begin to pay attention to the issues and begin electing patriots to help stop the megalomaniacs who have infested our United States Congress or we may very well not be able to deliver the same freedom and liberty we enjoyed to our children and subsequent generations.

The time is now! The entire country will be watching who Oregonians elect to replace David Wu in Oregon. So the question is do we really want to re-nominate the same moderate candidate that lost to crazy Congressman Wu less than a year ago just because he has all the right "Republican Establishment" contacts and signage?

I say no! I have been speaking with my community access television viewers for over 2000 hours in the past 6 years alone, the reason these candidate race to raise so much money is to get their name out and purchase signage. Well I have been an activist citizen journalist exposing BIG GOVERNMENT malfeasance for the past 11 years on local TV KWVT ch17.2 and Comcast/Fios with my show "LIVE with Lisa Michaels,"so I only need a little money and a lot volunteers to spread the word about my crusade for honest, limited government.

Please pass this important message forward to all your friends in CD1.

Thank you,

Lisa Michaels
for Oregon 1st

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