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Monday, October 10, 2011

Open Letter to my fellow CD1 candidates regarding following Oregon Election Law

I gave this letter to five other candidates in this race (Brad Avakian,
Suzanne Bonamici, Rob Cornilles, Jim Greenfield, and Brad Witt) at our
joint appearance at Pacific University on October 9.  I mailed copies to
the other seven candidates today.  My position is clear: our state and
county officials should obey the election laws.  Our election laws are
designed to promote fair and honest elections.  The legislature did not
give counties the option to ignore the law.  I call on the other
candidates in our district to join me in calling for Secretary of State
Brown and our county elections officials to obey ORS 254.483.

My supporters know how I stand on this important issue.  If you are
supporting another candidate, ask your candidate whether he or she is
joining me in calling for our county governments to obey the law, and if
not, why not?

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