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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ipad voting in my primary and expanding in the CD1 General Election


The potential for vote tampering in Oregon was stepped up a notch with the introduction of portable Ipads in my CD1 primary. Ipads were used in nursing homes to allow disabled voters to exercise their rights to vote for one of my 4 competitors or me in our November 8th Special Election Primary to replace the disgraced David Wu in Congress.
Since the Director of Elections, Steve Trout, once again defied our right to a fair election by instructing the county clerks in our race to ignore ORS 254.483, we now know they must desperately need to retain 1000s of extra leftover ballots for some purpose. Maybe it is so that they may manufacture the desired outcome via Ipad voting?
In any case, it appears we may never be able to trust the validity of our election results here in Oregon until we return to voting in the manner prescribed by our founding fathers. As a reminder to those of you who are too young to remember, this would mean that each person would need to register to vote showing proper ID. Then if they are so moved on election day they make an effort to go to their local polling place to hobnob with their neighbors while waiting to prove their right to vote in that election at that polling place by personally showing their voter registration card and picture ID. At which point, they are given their ballot to take with them into the private voting both to cast their vote without the influence of a campaign worker, spouse, or co-worker to assist with them with their decision.  
Our "All Vote by Mail" system is indeed the laughing stock of the rest of the country, who assumes a system like this could so easily be rigged that there would be no way to trust the accuracy of its outcome.
Lisa Michaels
CD1 Candidate for the Republican Nomination 2011 Special Election Primary

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