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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Was Herman Cain being Clarence Thomased?

This is a sad day for Conservatives like me, who believed that Herman Cain was the best remedy for our country.
Those of us senior enough to recall the 1st prominent high tech lynching of a Conservative, who's skin tone is a bit darker than the majority, should recognize that Herman Cain was on the receiving end of this same kind of attack that was waged against the Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, during his Senate confirmation hearings.

A Herman Cain candidacy was the darkest threat to the re-election of our first Half African President. Since Clarence Thomas, persevered through the humiliating falsehoods hurled at him from his one attacker, Anita Hill, the Left obviously realized they needed more Anita Hills to eliminate Cain from the race. Today they succeeded in removing this uppity Conservative from his quest to replace our half white President in 2012.

We will never really know if these allegation of infidelity were accurate or not but like it or not we must hold our Conservative candidates to a higher standard of morality than our opponents on the left.

Character does matter!

As much as it pains me to say it, if Herman was guilty of ever pursuing a physical relationship from any woman other woman than his wife, then he should not be considered for the highest office in our land. Plain and simple, if a man cheats on his wife, he betrays his vow to God, his wife and his children.

Why would that same man not betray his vow to the people who elected him?

If even one of these allegations are indeed true Herman Cain defrauded all of us by even getting into this race in the first place. I hope that if he was falsely accused then Herman will be vindicated, however the very fact that he had to quit the race in light of these accusations presupposes the opposite may very well be true.

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