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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Physicist, Meteorologist, & Climatologist Debunk Global Warming Hysteria

This scientific event finally took place on 1/25/12 at the Airport Shilo Inn in Portland, Oregon,after being censored by Oregon Museum of Science's management and "Global Warming" hysteria advocates who depend on promoting this false science to support the taking of our liberty in order to supposedly "save our planet" from global climate change. We must spread the word that the sky is indeed NOT falling and that anybody promoting such nonsense needs to be ignored.

Letter from Physicist, Gordon Fulks PhD to:

Dear Senator Whitsett,

Thank you for standing up for all of Oregon, not just the rural sector. You are certainly correct that the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is unnecessary, counterproductive, and dangerous.

It is unnecessary, because there is no satisfactory evidence linking human emissions of carbon dioxide to the Global Warming observed during the 20th century. That was most likely a solar effect as we experienced a grand maximum of solar cycles that brought us out of the Little Ice Age. Similar warm periods occur about every thousand years: Medieval, Roman, and Minoan. Since the present warm period began about 1830, long before significant human emissions of CO2, human activities cannot be blamed. You say that a growing number of scientists reject climate hysteria, and that is true. But a better test would be to look at the qualifications of those scientists. Many, like Professors Richard Lindzen of MIT and Will Happer of Princeton, are tops in their fields (meteorology and physics respectively). Science is never democratic. We do not vote on who is right. We only argue the logic and evidence.

The LCFS is counterproductive, because bio-fuels require roughly as much fossil fuel input as they return in bio-fuel. In other words, they are a monumental waste of time and money that returns only an apparent reduction in carbon intensity. They are a sort of 'laundering of carbon' similar to the illegal 'laundering of money.' Is there ANY benefit in fooling ourselves?

The LCFS is dangerous because it weakens our economy by encouraging wasteful behavior that only benefits those directly involved in the 'laundering of carbon.' Continuing or expanding this stupidity amounts to economic suicide. Our economy should be freed from these green shackles.

It is also important to realize that bio-fuels are inferior to regular fuels. Ethanol has much less energy content per gallon than gasoline, is corrosive to fuel systems, and needs to be trucked rather than sent through efficient pipelines.

The intensive agriculture necessary to produce bio-fuels damages our environment from encouraging the destruction of rainforests to grow palm oil to requiring vast amounts of fertilizer and water to grow corn. No legitimate environmentalist can support this.

Existing bio-fuel requirements have been a disaster for Oregon. Please help all Oregonians by repealing them, not by following California deeper into insanity.

Thanks for your efforts,

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
Corbett, Oregon USA

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  1. Now that gas prices have risen beyond our ability to afford them, perhaps we should stop the Greeniacs from destroying our environment with their bio fuels that not only take more energy to create, but work less efficiently in our cars giving us lower miles per gallon and in the process corrode our engines. Somebody put these Greeniacs away before they rob our children of their prosperity.