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Sunday, March 18, 2012

John Fund Speaks to the Issue of Vote by Mail in Oregon

Many thanks to the hardworking conservative Republicans in Multnomah county, who treated last night's Lincoln Dinner attendees to an eye opening expose on voter fraud by the expert scholar on this subject, Wallstreet Journal Columnist, John Fund.

Like I have been warning for years, our all vote by mail system opens up our ballots to manipulation because those who may not be still breathing, under age, illegally residing in or no longer living in our state are able to vote early and often. Obviously if our vote can be canceled out by 1 to a hundred fraudulent votes our vote no longer counts towards a legitimate result.

A widower must bring in proof to his county's Elections office of his spouse's demise in order to permanently lay his wife's voter registration to rest. Once our ballots are mailed out anyone in the voter's life may pick it up fill it out then either ask the true voter to sign the security envelope or if they have access to that voter's signature they could try to forge it. This might be why college voter registration drive workers have been seen scanning new registration cards before turning them into the Secretary of State. There should be no mystery as to why voter ID is now being challenged so intensely by our Justice Department, two words "Job Security." The left simply cannot ensure Obama's re-election if voters are required to show photo ID.

Indictments were handed down on 4 groups for voter fraud in the all important state of Ohio during President Bush's 2004 re-election:
It is no wonder these same groups are working so hard to stop voter ID laws and encourage Oregon's all vote by mail system.

We must revisit the wisdom of voting entirely by mail. The risks to our sacred right to vote in direct proportion to our fellow citizens, were never fully vetted before we Oregonians agreed to exchange convenience for honest elections.

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