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Monday, April 30, 2012

Get to know Lisa Michaels for US Congress - Key Actions Congress Should Take

2. What are the key actions Congress should take to help boost employment?

The Federal Government should get out of the way by lowering all taxes on everyone, eliminating onerous regulations that stifle commerce and closing down anti-business Federal agencies. We must incentivize individual achievement by rewarding hard work with lower taxes. When our business owners are able to afford to hire more workers because less of their money is being sent to the Government, then those added workers will begin paying taxes instead of receiving unemployment. This is precisely why history shows that lower taxes create more prosperity by lowering unemployment while increasing productivity. Lower Corporate taxes will inspire our companies to return home to a more level playing field requiring them to hire more Americans rather than outsourcing their work force to business friendly nations with lower taxes. Government should stop placing artificial limits on our workers, by lowering the legal age to work and eliminating the job killing minimum wage.