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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Get to know Lisa Michaels - US Congress OR CD 1 - Background & History

This is a first of our "Get to know Lisa" posts to help you, the voter, be completely informed for the May 15th Primary Election, and vote the Right way. Ballots are in the mail. While you wait, let's "Get to know Lisa":

Lisa Michaels for US Congress - OR CD1
Work experience: I have worked as an advertising executive for agencies & local radio/cable/TV stations in San Francisco, LA & Portland; in 1989 I became a member of the Screen Actors Guild then segment host on KOIN's "Around Town TV" with Dave Anderson in the mid '90's and currently host "LIVE with Lisa Michaels."

Political history: First elected to be the GOP nominee for State Representative in 2000 and then again for State Senate in 2008 against State Senator Mark Hass. I was elected to be an Alternate Delegate to the NYC GOP Convention in 2004 and served on the Washington County Republican Central Committee from 2001-2009 and have been an elected GOP Precinct Committee Person since 2000. I ran for the Tualatin Hills Park & Rec District Board in 2009 & 2011. Most recently, I ran for the Republican nomination in the Special Election to replace the David Wu in Congress. Last Fall I was appointed the Chairman of Conservative Party (Oregon) affiliate and am the Conservative Party USA's spokesperson.

Community involvement: I was elected to serve as the VP of Sponsorships for the Murrayhill Little League. VP of membership Video Toastmasters, TVCTV volunteer producer/host "Accountability," "What's Between Us?" and "LIVE with Lisa Michaels." I am a conservative political activist, volunteer election observer and an advocate for Americans for Prosperity, 912, U-Choose, OFIR, Freedom Works and the Tea Party Patriots. I am a proud member of the Conservative Crew ( of truly conservative candidates running for office here in Oregon and across the country.

Education/degrees: High School Diploma Kingswood/Cranbrook Bloomfield Hills, MI Bachelors of Science Journalism Radio/TV Sales/Management from the University of Kansas

Family: I am the proud mother of 3 sons Christopher(21), Adam (19) and Tripp(14). Both my oldest sons are attending the University of Kansas together, after graduating from Valley Catholic High School where my son Tripp attends 8th grade.

Join us tomorrow when we start to cover the current issues for Oregon, and the United States of America.

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