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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We Must Police Our Own Elections

In 1982 the Republican National Committee and the Republican State Committee agreed to limit the lengths to which they may police fraudulent Election practices with regard to purging voter rolls of ineligible voters or arresting crooks seeking to vote multiple times under false identities.

Now with Eric Holder's Justice Department entrusted with the obligation to police the illegal voting that just guaranteed his boss 4 more years in office, I see no end in sight.

Our only hope at this point is for brave candidates like Allen West to contest their individual Election results with a recount and expose the pervasive Election Fraud present in blue states around the country.

We must wake up, track the ballots and take out the Agenda 21 useful idiots who are currently infesting our local offices.  We need to recruit solid conservatives to win elections to all local office. We must build a solid base of conservative leadership from the ground up to replace the leftists currently doing the bidding of their statists overlords.

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