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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Post Election Reflection from GOP AG Candidate James Buchal

Reagan Dinner Speech by
James Buchal
November 10, 2012

            I’d like to begin by thanking all those who have supported me throughout this long journey.  Hundreds of people have contributed tens of thousands of dollars, in contributions from $5 on up, many have fed us, or housed us along the way, many have put up our signs and handed out our flyers.  And I owe a special thanks to my campaign manager Lisa Michaels, a tireless and energetic advocate for my cause.  It is quite literally true that without her, I would not be standing here today.
So where are we?
            I like to say that as a conservative, I live in the reality-based community.  So let’s not sugar coat this.  This is a disaster. 
            We all know it’s a disaster in Oregon: the Democrats now control the House, the Senate and the Governor’s Office.  Every business owner in Oregon can look forward to four more years of agencies acting to put them out of business.  And every taxpayer can look forward to more stickups “for the children”, or whatever.
            What impresses me the most is that I was doomed from the start.  I want to confess that throughout the race, I was jealous of Knute Buehler and his campaign organization.  But now I see that with this splendid effort, and even with his eleven newspaper endorsements, he could only get four more points than me.  And as I drove down here reading Art Robinson’s signs, I thought, there is a man who is better than me in almost every way, and he and his family put in so much more effort than me, and he came out about the same.  This is a disaster for Oregon.
            But this is also a national disaster.  It’s not just Romney’s loss.  Of the 23 Democratic Senate seats in play, Republicans won one, and then lost one of their own seats.  Not one Democratic incumbent lost a seat.
            The first lesson of this election is that Obama’s organization was good enough at turning people out to make the election day results look like a poll of registered voters.  (Don’t worry, I will come to the issue of election fraud later.)
            Nationally, you can read up about Romney’s Project ORCA, which turned out to be a total failure.  We worked very hard to show support with lawn signs, but I am beginning to think that they are of very little value at all.  While we were putting up lawn signs, somewhere in dark basements Democratic professionals were quietly organizing, data mining and turning out the vote.   
            There seems to be a whole new generation of technology for voter targeting, based on voter-specific messenging.   I bet their technology can tell the Democratic Party that they are dealing with a 42 year-old lesbian who cares about saving the whales.  I don’t know much about Merlin, but they told me its innovation is that we could now distinguish hot, lukewarm, warm, cool and cold voters.  I wonder how far behind in this arms race we really are.
            Here in Oregon, the only data I’ve seen so far suggests that the Republican turnout was about 2% higher than the Democrats.  This, to me is a shocking number given Obama’s betrayal of his own base, and what should have been our appreciation of the existential threat Obama poses to our Nation.  We should have been willing to crawl through broken glass to vote against this guy.
            Yet people are turning away from the Republicans in droves.  Mitt Romney got less votes in Oregon than John McCain did.  2008 McCain Republican votes in Oregon: 738,000 votes.  2012 Romney Republican votes in Oregon (so far):  717,000 votes
The Question of Voter Fraud
            Let’s turn to the question of voter fraud.  I don’t have any doubt that we have an incompetent, socialist President put in by fraud.  Nationally, it appears that Pentagon officials hijacked hundreds of thousands of blank ballots inside the military mail system.  Guess what?  They finally managed to deliver them on November 7th.  For those of you who have private dreams that the Army will be on the right side when the time of troubles comes:  forget it.  We have only each other.
We know that in the urban precincts in Pennsylvania, they illegally expelled Republican poll watchers and then racked up 99.5% Obama totals.  We know they bused people from Chicago to vote in Wisconsin.  All of these stories are well-documented on the Internet, but we have an entire generation of criminal prosecutors who are deaf, dumb and blind when comes to vote fraud. 
            Here in Oregon, we can have no confidence in the results either.  You all know the story of my lawsuit--no one can understand the law that says destroy ballots on election night.  This, by the way, is a practice around the world.  Even in Russia, they are supposed to drive a spike through the unused ballots on election night; other countries burn them.  Not here.  Trust us, we’ll take care of them.
            Here in Oregon we have unofficial ballot drop boxes all over, and sometimes the ballots wind up in the ditch.  Most people don’t know that each envelope identifies the voter inside, and sophisticated political operations can scan these envelopes and figure out which ones to throw away, or maybe even duplicate.   The Federal government requires our Secretary of State to clean up the voter rolls, but there is little evidence that this is happening.
            All this being said, it is my personal opinion that in Oregon, the outcome of the statewide races did not turn on fraud.  We would have lost anyway.  Unless and until we can register more a lot more Republicans, we are going to keep losing.
It’s Not Over
            This seems unfair.  We are clearly right on the issues.  A corrupt, one-party organization has taken control of this State for decades, and is dumbing down the population.  It’s not that people don’t know the Constitution; they don’t know what a Constitution is.  It’s not just that people have been trained to love the State; they wouldn’t know an unalienable right if it hit them in the face. 
            As weak sinners, we are always tempted to look at injustice as insurmountable, and to turn away and to wash our hands with the thought that there is no use of trying.  Some of us may even fall into apathy, or worse yet, wonder “what is truth?” or “maybe it doesn’t make any difference”.
            We cannot stop being human.  We cannot give ourselves over to self-absorption and despair.  We have to keep our human spirit alive, and keep on fighting.
             “Crowds have always undergone the influence of illusions,” wrote Gustav Le Bon, one of the first pioneers of the study of mass psychology. “Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”  The Democrats have been the master of illusion for decades now.   They think there is such a thing as a free lunch.
            But we have reality on our side.  And as the Baroness Thatcher said:  “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”.  That time is almost upon us, and we will have the historic choice of revival and restoration of Constitutional government, or a revolution that leads to dictatorship, slavery and misery. 
            Already the battle lines are forming.  In Portland, on every telephone pole, I see posters claiming:  “Austerity is stealing from the poor.”  This is our enemy:  those who imagine rights to point the gun at others and take their property.  Ayn Rand used to call them the “looters”. 
            So how do we fight the looters?  With the truth about what Republicans stand for.  People have asked me what I want to do next, and what I want to do next is help spread the truth and destroy the myths about Republicans.  Put another way, I want to help lead a re-branding exercise, because unless we can repair this brand, we are doomed.  Our brand has been the subject of a lot of false advertising, and we have got to fix that.
Rebranding:  We’re Not Anti-Government
            I have a lot of sympathy for Libertarians, but I think the core of Republican ideals is in George Washington’s famous quote that “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  We have to persuade people that we are the party of not just less government for the sake of less government, but less government for the sake of better government.  We just want a good servant.
            Throughout the campaign, I pushed what I regarded as straightforward bipartisan virtues of decentralization, simplification and accountability, but I did so in a partisan way.  This was not entirely fair, because George Bush, for example, went the wrong way in all these areas, and Jimmy Carter went the right way on some of them, like airline and trucking deregulation.  I am not going to make this mistake again.  From now on, I am going to fully and frankly admit that officials in both parties are constantly screwing up when it comes to decentralization and simplifying things.  And we have to work harder to hold our Republican leaders accountable on these issues.  Unless people see a real difference between Republicans and Democrats on the fundamental issue of prying power back from Washington, we are doomed.
The Banking Question
            A primary example is the greatest political issue of our time:  the war of the banks against the people.  Andrew Jackson was the great hero of this war, because when they came to him and say, you have to bail us out, or 20,000  people will lose their homes, he said he knew that 50,000 people would lose their homes in the bigger problem they would make.  “You are a den of vipers,” he told them, “and by God I will root you out.”  But we haven’t done that.
            It was Henry David Thoreau who said that for every thousand citizens hacking at the tree of evil, only one is hacking at the root.  I want to emphasis what the root of our problems is:   the notion that the constitution allows the Federal government to print money and hand it out to buy votes.  I won’t go through the Constitutional argument in detail, but it is painfully obvious to all but the ignorant and the corrupt that the Constitution absolutely forbids this.
            And it was written to forbid to prevent just what we have now.  As I said everywhere along the campaign trail, we are in the middle of the greatest financial crime in history:  the looting of not just the United States, but the world, by a handful of gigantic banks that made bad bets and are sucking the life out of our economy to cover those bad bets. 
            One of the greatest failures of the Republican party is to line up in opposition to this crime.  We have allowed a corrupt elite of Democrats and Republicans to tarnish free-market capitalism by passing off what is really sort of a fascist system as a capitalist system.  And I mean that literally, in the technical sense of an unholy marriage of financial corporations and government.
Immigration Policy
            We have another serious problem:  why are 75% of the Hispanics voting against us?  The Democrats are pursuing anti-family policies, and policies that are destroying the very freedom and opportunity these people came to enjoy.
            For starters we need full-frontal attacks on organizations like La Raza, and MALDEF, and NAACP, and all of the other race hustlers.  We need to defend the melting pot ideal, and challenge those who want to turn government in a racial spoils contest as reactionary frauds, who will turn American into precisely the kind of country people around the world are trying to escape from.  Reaching out is not enough.  Only by full frontal attacks on the race-based hustlers, while pushing for fair immigration procedures, we make progress.  Those who confront the race-based organizations are going to be called racists, and so doing this is going to require courage. 
            What is fair in this context?  Many have written that we reach out to minorities, and should compromise on issues like amnesty for illegals, and I am ambivalent about that.   Part of me says that if someone is here, and working, and paying taxes, and not collecting food stamps or other government aid, they are part of the solution, not part of the problem, and should be allowed to stay.  But only after they pass a course on the Constitution, and understand what made this country great.  There have to be requirements for the honor of being an American citizen, and we have got to insist upon them.
            And flip side of fairness is that those who are here illegally and not pulling their weight and not willing to learn the language and the Constitution have got to go home.  And we have got to get control of our borders.  And this is fair, because citizenship has got to mean something, and there is nothing wrong with discriminating in favor of citizens.  For God’s sake, look what Mexico does to the Guatemalans. 
            I will say that I have personal knowledge of the border control agencies, and I think they are some of the most screwed up agencies there are.  Yet our officials have not fixed them for years.  If we can be the Party that offers a fair solution here, and sells it to the Hispanic community, we can get majorities for years to come.
            The rubber meets the road here in Oregon on the question of drivers licenses for illegal aliens.   I’d like to see our legislators supporting a law that says you get your licenses when Obama closes the border, and starts to distinguish between the immigrants we want and the ones we don’t. 
The Question of War and Empire
            The American people understand that our foreign policy has also become an out of control spending program.  I have never been able to understand conservative attacks on Ron Paul because he wanted to conduct wars in accordance with the Constitution.   I see nothing wrong with saying that we are not going to be at war unless Congress declares war.  I don’t like to see our presidents making their own decisions on this by consulting with the UN, whether they are George Bush or Barack Obama. 
            If we had invested for real national defense instead of building mosques and embassies around the Mideast, we would have a space navy now that would make America invulnerable to earth-based attack for the next 200 years.  The communists love to see us making the same mistake they did in Afghanistan, and the British before them, but just watch how they shriek when we talk about space defense. 
            I think if we become the Republican Party of fortress America rather than worldwide war, we can attract many more to the Party. 
Appealing to Youth
            There’s an old saying that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.  We have let the collectivists and the socialists rock the cradles of our youth institutions for decades.  The results are frightening to me.  When I was campaigning here in Oregon, I found 5 Republicans at the University of Oregon, 7 at Lewis & Clark, and nobody could seem to find any at OSU.
            Nationally youth voting is becoming more and more important:  18-29 turnout was higher than 2008 by some metrics, and helped Democrats enormously, 18-29 voters went 60% for Obama (unmarried 62%, married 35%).  Here’s a California statistic:  Voters between the ages of 18 and 29 made up 28% of the electorate, up from 22% in 2008 and 15% in 1996.  And the California legislature has tipped 2/3 Democratic, and that’s our future unless we can engage the young.
            The deep irony is that there is no one who stands to lose more than the young from Democratic opposition to entitlement reform.  Unless, I suppose, we go into hyperinflation and the pensions are all paid in full at one cent on the dollar.
            Most of the young people I know are cynical about government and just want to be left alone.  Most of the younger Republicans I met while campaigning were Ron Paul Republicans.  I frankly think they got shafted by the Party this summer, even though it would have made no difference who went to the National Convention.  If these young people and many more are not in the Party, the Party has not future. 
                                    Reorganization of the Republican Party
            Now I can seem I am running out of time and so I will skip to another difficult area which I really don’t know that much about.  But that won’t stop me from offering my opinions.  I am not really sure what the Republican Party of Oregon is or does.  I think I understand the County parties, but the State-level organization is a mystery to me.
            Let me start by telling you want I think it should do, and that is help candidates; a selfish perspective, I know.  Enormous amounts of my time, and volunteer time, were spent working on things like a current list of press contacts and talk radio personalities.  Or trying to find out who were the property owners who support Republicans and have good sign locations.  Why aren’t these things on lists that are handed out to all the Republican candidates?
            Imagine a State party that is like a service bureau for candidates and County offices.  Imagine that it was supported by direct contributions from the County offices. 
            Imagine if we just hired some energetic young political scientist, an expert in political mechanics and technical support, as executive director of the Party.  He would have nothing to do with setting policy.  He would not be running for an office.
            What about the Chairman, and his role in raising money?  What if the State party maintains lists of donors, and hands them to candidates and says, get out there and ask for money.  Why is the Party an intermediary between the candidates and the donors?  Don’t PACs do that?  Why is the Party entangled with PACs at all?
            On a statewide call earlier this week, Fred Thompson accused the Party leadership of picking candidates that align to what they want, not what the voters want.  I don’t know if this is true, but I do think, consistent with my theme of decentralization, that we have primaries to select candidates. 
            And it is up to the candidates to sell themselves directly to the donors, and make whatever compromises they may have to make to get the money they think they need.   I think the results this year show that money alone, and grassroots effort alone, is not going to do the job.  We have got to make significant changes in all areas.
            Again I don’t know if these are the answers or not.  But I know it is time to raise these questions, and it is time for the Party to raise these questions, and consider them seriously, because what we have now isn’t working.
What can I say in conclusion?
            Many people ask me, where do I go from here?  My answer is to read a poem by Dylan Thomas.  It is about
“Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,”

And he tells them: 

“Do not go gentle into that good night . . . [but]
rage, rage against the dying of the light.

That’s what I’m going to keep on doing.  Thank you.

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