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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Solution to Non-Citizen Voter Fraud

In order to prevent honest investigations into the background of our fellow voters who do not speak English, the Government has prevented use of any of their data bases set up to deliver benefits to or identify illegal employment of illegal aliens. Effectively blocking our ability to cross check their immigration status with voter rolls. Essentially leaving the average citizen no way to expose the practice of illegal aliens registering and then voting in our elections.

Here is an easy solution, if you cannot read the English you cannot vote in the Election. With few exceptions, in order to become a naturalized US citizen and therefore eligible to vote you must know how to speak, read and write English in order to pass the English test.

Therefore, there should be no need for anyone not fluent in our language to be allowed to vote in the United States of America. That means all non-English ballots and voter's pamphlets must be outlawed. During future Elections if a voter requires an interpreter to fill out their ballot then that person must first prove their status by producing their official US certificate of naturalization, after all if the person was born in our country they would obviously know how to speak our language.

Non-citizen voters who register to vote should be prosecuted for this felony and lose any chance of becoming a naturalized citizen in the future.

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