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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why the Republican Party is Doomed

Why Conservative Republicans should simply flip party affiliation from the Republican to the Conservative Party USA?

Why the GOP is Doomed?

Bad Brand:
For the past thirty years the liberal sycophants in the mainstream media have been feeding Americans a steady diet of anti-Republican propaganda. The end result, is that the Republican brand has been permanently besmirched as the party of racist, homophobic rich people out of touch with the average worker.  The media has drummed into our heads that Republicans want to tell women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies, even if it is not their own body that is being aborted.  That Republicans want to deny homosexual couples equal access to our wedding chapels, because Republicans have this quaint old idea that holly matrimony should be reserved for those individuals who would like to join as one under God to raise a family with one female to carry the child and one male to support and protect the family. The Republican brand has now been so damaged that we must now start over by switching to the Conservative Party USA.

Voter Fraud:
We all know intuitively that Americans are not ignorant enough to march off the cliff on behalf of Obama. The fact is that massive election fraud was committed in the battleground states with 99% to over 100% of the vote in select precincts going to Obama with absolutely no votes going to Romney. But the Republican party invited this fraud when they signed over their rights to investigate election fraud back in 1982.
If we are to ever again elect a conservative to occupy the White House then we must expose the widespread voter registration and election fraud perpetrated primarily through absentee, early and vote by mail policies. The left has completely blocked our ability to identify illegal non-citizen voters. With weeks to manufacture the requisite number of mail in ballots from these illegitimately registered voters they will be able to secure a Democratically controlled White House in perpetuity.
Because the Republican Party gave up their right to call foul on these illegal Election fixing tactics, we must now throw out the party and begin again with the Conservative Party USA which would not be bound by their 1982 agreement.
RINO Control:
For as long as I can remember, Republican leadership has preached the absurd notion that we conservative Republicans must nominate a moderate in order to win elections. Despite the fact that this argument has been proven wrong in election after election these same Republicans In Name Only (RINO) have continued to force their moderate ideology on every candidate they have supported. The Coup de grace,  occurred during our 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa when RINO attorneys forced their anti-grassroots rules down the throats of the party faithful. The Party leadership no longer cares to support the conservative majority opinion of the Republican base, so we need a fresh start by switching to the Conservative Party USA.

Full disclosure, I agreed to join the Conservative Party USA leadership for the same reasons I just outlined above.

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