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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Centralized Election Fraud Scheme Exposed

Isn't it odd that:

  • No Republican Statewide Candidate has won in Oregon since the implementation of HAVA
  • Democrats raise millions but fail to spend much of their money to campaign
  • Oklahoma does not use ES&S and not one county has ever supported Obama in either '08 or '12
  • All vote by mail west coast states continue to re-elect incompetent Democratic retreads to Government
  • that as our economy implodes we continue to re-elect the politicians who caused the implosion

Part 1 Centralized Election Scheme Exposed

Part 2 Centralized Election Scheme Exposed

After years of researching our ever evolving centralized election system, I believe that Oregon was used to test market the corrupt vote by mail or absentee balloting system, which virtually invalidates election results by using fraudulently registered or non-existent voters to cancel out the votes of legitimate voters. These videos outline the facts and name the groups who appear to be implementing this scheme in order to fix the outcome of our elections.   

I too was an early advocate of the convenience of our all vote by mail system, before I learned that with convenience comes irrelevancy. We must inform our community of the risks of invalidating our elections with our absentee or all vote by mail system. 

Please share this link with your friends and help stop the Left from stealing our elections before our once great Republic is but a distant memory. When a people are denied the opportunity to freely elect the leaders they wish to run their country and are no longer able to throw out bad leaders we have tyranny. The United States of America was founded on the principal of free and fair elections without that what sort of a country are we left with?


  1. Nice work Lisa. We may disagree on a number of things; but, there are some groups out to undermine our democratic republic and bleed our nation dry.

  2. Yes namely Kate Brown & all the democrats imn Oregon!