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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Open Letter to All Secretary of States & AGs Across the US

Please take just a few minutes to view the results of my 13 year investigation into election fraud in Oregon.

Part 1:

Part 2:

All opponents of election integrity will use the same argument: 

"This is a solution in search of a problem." 

As you can see from my investigation the election fraud is dependent on the fraudulent registration of illegal aliens, under aged children, cartoon characters, the dearly departed, relocated, graduated college students and members of our beloved pet community. Nearly all of these ineligible illegal registrants will seek to vote by mail so as not to give away their true status as an ineligible voter. Here are some ways I believe you may purge your list of registered ineligible voters from your rolls. 

Cross Check absentee or early vote by mail ballot voters as follows:

Illegal Aliens/legal aliens with jurors who claim not to be citizens when notified of jury duty.

Under Aged Children with their birth certificates, little league sports, school health records

Cartoon or other famous characters are obvious

Dead with vital statistics, obituaries and SS #

Graduated college students still voting from their college addresses with current student housing records to see if there are more people voting from a dorm than can occupy that dorm, sorority or fraternity and so on. 

Relocated with their US postal service change of address information

Pets with local veterinary clinics, pet adoption centers, pet shelters or pet stores and birth certificates. 

After the elections, confirm that none of the above mentioned ineligible, illegal voters have fraudulently tried to cast a provisional ballot.

I am convinced there is systemic election fraud being carried out across the country using the methods I outlined in my videos. I certainly hope the honest Secretary of States and Attorney Generals across our great country will take the initiative to expose it before our next election. 

Free and fair elections with one vote cast for one eligible citizen above the age of 17 is the very foundation of our Republic and without fair elections we are living under tyranny. 


Lisa Michaels
503 936-6007
2012 Managed Campaign for Republican nominee James Buchal for OR AG
2012 Plaintiff against OR SOS (Michaels v Brown) regarding election integrity
2012 Candidate for OR CD1 in Republican primary
2011 Candidate for OR CD1 in Special Election to replace David Wu
2010 Managed Campaign for Republican nominee Delia Lopez OR CD3 race
2008 Republican Nominee OR State Senate
2000 Republican Nominee OR State Legislature
Supervised and called for 3 recounts

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