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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Why and How to Replace Not Compete with the RINOs

The only message that gets the attention of the RINO (Republican In Name Only) leadership, who take their conservative constituents for granted, is loss of registered voters. As it stands now, they recognize the fact that we have no other home to go to because if we start a 3rd Party we will split the vote and deliver victory to the Left. 

Which is why we must replace not compete with the Republican Party. 

The first step is to relieve them of their major Party registration numbers, while defunding both Parties and co-opting their Primaries to replace liberals incumbents with conservatives. Once the Conservative Party has been established as a Party in every state we simply recruit away more registered voters than the other two major Parties. Then and only then, do we dare to nominate our own candidates. Until then we simply co-nominate the same conservative candidates who we helped win in either the Republican or Democratic Primaries. 

For example in some states voters might see Rand Paul as the Republican nominee and also listed as the Conservative Party nominee in other states like Oregon Rand Paul's name would only be listed once with both Party nominations listed below his name.  

General Election Ballot Example:

Rand Paul
Republican Nominee 

Rand Paul
Conservative Party Nominee


Rand Paul

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