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Saturday, November 2, 2013

War Hero Denied Justice Right Up Until the End

Corruption in the Oregon judicial system has descended to an all time low.

After bleeding dry 71 year old, Purple Heart/Silver Star, Vietnam veteran, Sr. Master Chief MacArthur "Mac" Woods, of 100s of thousands of dollars over the past decade, he was finally able to have his case heard before a jury of his peers. The jury's decision was in favor of the war hero 11-0, right triumphs over wrong at long last, right?

During the Vietnam war Mac's PBR was ambushed on a river and all but one of his crew  were immediately gunned down. Despite the blood rushing down from his head wound, he was able to draw out the sniper perched in the jungle using a pole and a helmet. Once he had determined the sniper had emptied his clip shooting at the helmet, Mac jumped up and swung the 50 caliber machine gun around and with his good eye shot the sniper out of his nest. This hero quickly administered first aid to the surviving sailor then rescued the floating bodies of his fallen crew before returning to base with his friends, most of whom had paid the ultimate price for their country.

Yet back in November of 2007, one of the many corrupt attorneys instrumental in Woods' slow march towards poverty, won a money judgement from Mr. Woods, despite failing to serve Mr. Woods with valid notification of the lawsuit.  Perhaps Judge Boutin was unaware of the fact that Mr. Woods was deer hunting in Eastern Oregon on the day the court documents fraudulently state that he was served with those papers. This might explain why Judge Boutin recently decided to award all and then some of Mr. Woods' long fought for money judgement to that attorney.

You see if someone does not know that they are being sued, they will obviously not contest the lawsuit and show up in court. The law states, that when one side does not show up in court, the other side automatically wins. Which of course was the case with Mr. Woods, since he was never informed that he had been sued.

During Mac's long journey through judicial malfeasance, one judge actually denied his Constitutional right to a jury trial, after Woods insisted he would not agree to have his case decided by a judge. Obviously that erroneous decision was overturned and court dates were set, postponed, reset then postponed again and again in order to advance the interests of the Professional Liability Fund (PLF) while bleeding Mac's financial resources dry and denying him his right to a speedy trial.

Unlike every other state in the Union, absolutely every Oregon attorney must reemit their malpractice premiums to this monopoly attorney slush fund, PLF. Oregon attorneys have come to rely on their low malpractice premiums and the support offered them by the PLF.  Since money judgements dictate the amount of their premiums this is a clear conflict of interest for both attorneys and judges.

Essentially anytime an Oregon citizen wishes to file a malpractice lawsuit against their former attorney, both the presiding judge and their new attorney have a vested interest in the outcome of the case by virtue of the monopoly PLF. Which is why Mr. Woods was the very first plaintiff ever to prevail against them.

So now that Mack has weathered the storm and finally won his day in court, the crooked Oregon legal system stands poised to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

I pray that Judge Boutin will recognize this gross injustice and decide in favor of our war hero.



The crooked Oregon Professional Liability Fund (attorney malpractice insurance agency monopoly) ultimately used their corrupt illegal system to deny Mac his long fought for money judgement, leaving him without the much needed funds to pay for his cancer treatments.

Tragically this old soldier died at the hands of Oregon's efficient assisted suicide hospice team in early May of 2017. The way I heard it from a mutual friend, Mac was put down like an dog, when hospice was called, after the bills for his cancer treatments became too much for his family to pay.

You see in the death state of Oregon, we voted for Death with Dignity otherwise known as "assisted suicide" which apparently authorizes any family member you live with, to contact their local hospice team to arrange for your timely demise/execution. While Oregon's 1997 Death with Dignity Act goes on and on about a waiting period and states that it is the patient's decision, which can be changed at any time. If the hospice workers in an effort to sedate their patient just happens to over estimate the amount of Morphine they administer, well then they can hardly be held liable for a simple mistake that just happens to kill their patient.

If I sound angry about this travesty of justice, I am not sorry. Life is not fair but my friend Mac was a fighter, he loved everyone and absolutely would not tolerate injustice or corruption of any kind. Mac had a keen understanding of difference between right and wrong, and it is an American tragedy that this war hero is no longer counted among the living patriots fighting for justice. The good news is Mac loved our Lord Jesus Christ, we prayed together often. Therefore, I know he is kicking up his heals in his young vibrant spiritual body up in Heaven joyfully waiting for his loved ones to join him.

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  1. Mack deserves better than that! Counter sue and come out swinging.